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Fortnitemares 2020 features a Halloween concert from J Balvin

And the return of spy boss Midas.

Fortnite has revived one of its most popular characters for this year's Halloween event - and booked a big name for a concert.

Fortnitemares 2020: Midas' Revenge will see the fan favourite spy chief back in action after his apparent death earlier this year. Midas will appear in-game as a boss character, while new a new gameplay mechanic will see you return from the dead after being eliminated in Solo, Duos or Squad modes, eligible at winning a new Shadow Royale.

There'll also be new map changes, fresh challenges and free cosmetics to unlock, live from today until 3rd November.

But what's Halloween without a party? Fortnite will reward you for staying indoors this year on 31st October with a concert from Colombian superstar J Balvin, at 6pm Pacific time (2am the following morning in the UK), with rebroadcasts at 8pm and 2pm UK time on 1st November.

Midas was the architect behind this spring's The Device live event, which saw his plan to defeat the game's storm backfire and cause a map-flooding tidal wave. Poor Midas was then gobbled up by a shark and shoved out of the game's storyline at the introduction of the next season. Subtle map changes have hinted at his return over the past couple of weeks, and he'll return fully as a playable skin in the forthcoming Last Laugh bundle, available next month.

Today's update, patch 14.40, also shrinks the size of Fortnite on PC from 89.5GB to just 29.8GB - Call of Duty: Warzone, take note.

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