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Fortnite update adds Quadlauncher, Disco Domination LTM and Skull Trooper skin styles

Killer moves.

It's that time again. The Fortnite servers are offline, and another update is on the way. Let the countdown begin until the new weapons are vaulted in the next patch.

Fortnite update v6.02 brings a few notable changes to the game, the most obvious being the addition of the Quad Rocket Launcher - a heavyweight RPG capable of firing four rockets in quick succession. With a high base damage of 80-84 combined with the ability to shoot four rockets before reloading, some players are voicing concerns this weapon could tilt the game back towards a "spray" or "explosives" meta.

Epic has released a video showing the Quadlauncher in action, and I have to say, it looks pretty intense. We'll have to see how this one plays out.

Watch on YouTube

On a more lighthearted note, the update also adds a new LTM, which will see players compete in the "ultimate dance-off". Disco Domination is a 50 v 50 mode which requires players to capture control points, but with a twist. The points are dance floors, and players must emote on them to "raise a disco ball in the centre of the floor and capture it for [their] team". The more friendly players that are dancing, the faster that disco ball goes up. Respawns will be on until the last circle - so you can get plenty of boogieing in - and each captured floor fills up your team's "dance bar". Naturally, the first team to fill up this bar wins the match. Sounds like a great night out on the town.

Murder on the dance floor.

Many Fortnite players will be delighted to hear that the popular Skull Trooper skin is making a triumphant return. The patch notes reveal the skin will come in different styles - so you can colour those bones any way you want. Talk about a glow up.

Spooky scary skeletons.

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