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Fortnite is getting a quad bike that can smash through walls

Plougher to the people.

First it was shopping trolleys, then it was golf buggies (or ATKs, if we're going to be proper about things), and now Fortnite is getting a third four-wheeled transportation device: the quad-bike-like QuadCrasher.

That's according to the game's ever-reliable "News" screen - your one-stop-shop for official Epic teases - which also reveals that the QuadCrasher can be charged up to smash through structures or "get some air". Whether it'll employ the ATK's charging system - which utilises a Mario-Kart-style drift boost - or a new variant, remains to be seen.

Still, that snowplough frontage looks the business, and it'll be certainly add some spice to battles knowing that the world is slightly less safe for players that love to retreat into their own little boxes at the first sign of conflict, like a rubbish turtle. They certainly won't be feeling so smug with a steel-fronted death machine bearing down on their makeshift safehouses.

There, look, in the middle.

It'll also be interesting to see how the QuadCrasher is balanced, particularly in terms of the structure types it's able to destroy. It already sounds like it could be an amusing addition toward the end of a match when everyone's doing the usual thing of camping out atop their boring skyscrapers while the storm blows in - an increasingly stale end-game state that Epic has tried to enliven in recent times, not least with the introduction of shifting storm centres.

At this point, however, there's not much more to say about the QuadCrasher (other than maybe that it looks like it can accomodate a maximum of two occupants), without tumbling into a pit of increasingly outlandish speculation. All of its mysteries will be revealed soon enough though, presumably - even if only Epic can precisely say when.

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