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Fortnite cosmetics are coming to Destiny 2

Drift, meet Drifter.

Destiny 2 will host a series of Fortnite cosmetics, a recent datamine of the game has revealed.

Themed armour sets for each of Destiny's three classes have been leaked, each showcasing a look based on a classic Fortnite skin (thanks, Ginsor).

Bungie is yet to confirm the collaboration, which seems likely to be made official tomorrow night during its big Destiny 2 livestream.

Tune in to Bungie's big Destiny 2 livestream tomorrow.

Artwork for the three skins is currently sitting within the game's files - apparently ready to advertise the designs for sale within Destiny 2's premium store Eververse.

Titans get a look themed around Fortnite's classic Black Knight, while Warlocks get an eye-catching design based on fan-favourite Drift. Hunters, meanwhile, have armour based on the superhero-esque Omega.

This past weekend has seen a series of Destiny leakers emerge with details on the game's upcoming Season 18, as well as next year's Lightfall expansion. Both are set to be detailed officially by Bungie tomorrow evening.

Artwork for these Fortnite cosmetics, however, is far more verifiable - being in the game's files already.

Surely Destiny 2 cosmetics will pop up in Fortnite as well?

Tomorrow's Destiny 2 livestream kicks off at 5pm UK time, just two hours before this week's big Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live event at 7pm. For more on everything happening this week, Eurogamer's Gamescom 2022 guide.

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