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Fortnite adds enormous Stark Industries area as Marvel season ramps up


Stark Industries has warped onto Fortnite's map, covering one corner of the battle royale's island.

Today's update, v14.10, brings with it a new boss (Tony Stark), more hero power-ups, new Galactus minions to defeat and quite a bit more.

We're now in the third week of this season's busy Marvel takeover, which has seen smaller map changes pop up every few days. Smaller areas themed around Ant-Man, Black Panther, The Collector and Trask Industries have all been warped onto the map - but Iron Man's home office is by far the biggest change yet.

Story-wise, Tony Stark has been powering up a circle of rift beacons for over a week now, which swirled with greater amounts of energy day by day. Today's update reveals his plan was to warp in his HQ - presumably to help with the impending arrival of the planet-eating Galactus, who continually grows bigger in the sky.

While initially greeted with some scepticism as a product placement-filled promotion, Fortnite's latest season has been winning round fans with its frequent additions, fun superpowers and comicbook cosmetics. The big question is, will Sony's elusive Spider-Man make an appearance?

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