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Final Fantasy 16 The Breaker of Worlds location

Including tips on how to beat this S Rank Hunt Mark.

The Breaker of Worlds in Final Fantasy 16 is an S Rank Hunt who is available from the midgame onwards, and as an S Rank, you have to work out where it's located on your own.

There are some clues to help narrow down the search, but these are fairly vague and can easily lead you astray, so we've detailed The Breaker of Worlds location in Final Fantasy 16 below, as well as tips on how to beat The Breaker of Worlds, as it can be a deadly foe to face if Clive isn't prepared.

For more help, we've got a page dedicated to all Hunt locations.

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Final Fantasy 16 The Breaker of Worlds location

The Breaker of Worlds is located to the very east of Cressida in the Rosaria Province, which is south of The Broken Hilt and east of Martha's Rest. Fast travel to Eastpool and then make your way south for the quickest route.

Here's a map picture showing exactly where to find The Breaker of Worlds:

Atlas is the real name for The Breaker of Worlds.

If you're riding a Chocobo, you'll know you're close to the correct area when Clive automatically dismounts at a bridge leading to a very small abandoned living area with scarecrows and a few regular enemies.

Once you see the scarecrows, you'll know you're nearby The Breaker of Worlds.

Before taking on The Breaker of Worlds we highly recommend saving right before starting the fight so you can reload it from this position if you die, instead of respawning at a fast travel point.

We've got more tips for taking on The Breaker of Worlds below.

Tips on how to beat Atlas The Breaker of Worlds in Final Fantasy 16

The Breaker of Worlds, AKA Atlas, is a Level 45 S Rank Notorious Mark who can kill Clive with a single hit at times, and almost kill him every other time. As an S Rank, it's one of the hardest Hunts in the game, but some careful planning can help make the fight a little easier.

Here's some tips on how to beat Atlas The Breaker of Worlds in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Level Clive up to at least the mid 30's, but being closer to Level 40 is better - The 'On Fortune and the Heavens' Accessory can help you level up quicker as it increases EXP earned by 15%.
  • You can equip some abilities on other Eikons - We equipped Rising Flames as a Titan ability because we liked it better than the other Titan powers available, and it freed up a slot on the actual Ifrit / Phoenix abilities. You might have to master an ability for this to become available, so it's lucky that...
  • Respecing is free - You can refund any of your Ability Points for free and put those points into mastering another ability if you think it will help you more in the Atlas fight.
  • Equip the Berserker Ring - You have to dodge a lot during the Atlas fight if you want to stay alive and equipping the Berserker Ring takes advantage of this as it gives Clive a small window of increased damage after performing a Precision Dodge.
  • Use Will-o'-the-Wykes - This fire ability creates a shield for Clive while harming enemies and is incredibly useful as protection against the giant laser beam Atlas uses after falling to half health.
  • Stay close to Atlas during the second half of the battle - This may seem dangerous, but it's a lot more dangerous to attack from a distance once Atlas has fallen to half health, as it can kill Clive instantly with its long range laser, 'Saber Dance'. So it's best to stay at a close enough distance where you can dash with your fire ability to Atlas when you see it getting ready for the laser attack.
  • Try aerial combat - You can still dodge while fighting in the air, and it's far easier to avoid Atlas' laser beam and wide swings while high up. Having Garuda as your active Eikon powers can help with this, as pressing circle will launch Clive into the air quickly.
  • Use Limit Break when Atlas is still fighting - We usually wait until an enemy is downed before unleashing Clive's Limit Break, but as Clive is so quick with his strikes during a Limit Break, it's the perfect time to parry Atlas's melee attacks. Just make sure you're keeping an eye on your health, as you still might miss the parry and take a dangerous amount of damage.

The rewards for defeating Atlas The Breaker of Worlds are:

  • x1 Fallen Iron
  • x1 Orichalcum
  • 15,000 EXP
  • 120 Ability Points
  • 50 Renown
  • 20,000 Gil

Good luck facing The Breaker of Worlds in Final Fantasy 16!

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