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FIFA 20 gives some players an in-game button overlay to help EA improve responsiveness

Real time.

EA Sports has given some FIFA 20 players a special in-game button overlay as it bids to improve responsiveness.

Responsiveness - or the lack of - is one of the hot topics within the FIFA community. It's felt FIFA 20 is particularly unresponsive when played online, where it can feel like there's a significant delay between a button press and the corresponding action in-game.

In truth, this has been a long-standing issue with EA Sports' FIFA games, and despite the developer's best efforts over the last few years, community complaints remain.

Now, EA Sports has revealed it's currently running a live study for small backend changes related to button responsiveness, and as part of that, it's adding an in-game button overlay for a select number of players.

In the latest Pitch Notes article, EA Sports revealed a screenshot of how this in-game button overlay looks, while stressing it's subject to change. You can see the overlay in the top-right hand corner of the screen, with icons representing the buttons on the console controller.

"With this button overlay, we want to let players see their inputs in real-time but also the impact the connection with the data center has on those inputs," EA Sports explained.

"This also helps us analyse matches more efficiently since we can get clips of players sharing their experience and raw input. We'll have more to share about the results of the button overlay live study in the future."

This live study is just a part of EA Sports' overall connectivity and responsiveness efforts, the studio said. The question is, will any of EA's efforts make for a significant improvement in FIFA 20, with FIFA 21 waiting in the wings?

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