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FIFA 20 OTW cards - all new Ones to Watch players list and OTW cards explained

FUT 20's hybrid player cards listed and explained.

FIFA 20 Ones to Watch cards are a significant mechanic in Ultimate Team mode, collecting several hand-picked players under the age of 30 who secured high-profile transfers over the summer.

A 'live' version of regular player cards in FUT, Ones to Watch add an intriguing option for players both on the pitch and in the ever-changing FUT Transfer Market, tracking players form over time. Below, we've put together another full FUT 20 OTW players list and explained exactly how they work.

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FIFA 20 OTW players list - all confirmed FIFA 20 OTW cards

If you're doing a spot of team-building - and, of course, have already read up on the details like FIFA FUT Chemistry and Chemistry Styles - below we've put together a list of all 23 Ones to Watch cards that make up the full list.

FIFA 20 Ones to Watch Cards:

E. HazardReal MadridLa LigaBelgiumLW91
GriezmannBarcelonaLa LigaFranceCF89
CoutinhoBayern MunichBundesligaBrazilLW86
De JongBarcelonaLa LigaNetherlandsCM86
IcardiPSGLigue 1ArgentinaST85
RodriMan CityPremier LeagueSpainCDM85
LukakuInterSerie ABelgiumST85
De LigtJuventusSerie ANetherlandsCB85
HernandezBayern MunichBundesligaFranceCB84
BrandtBorussia DortmundBundesligaGermanyCAM84
Ben YedderAS MonacoLigue 1FranceST83
SarabiaPSGLigue 1SpainCAM83
HallerWest HamPremier LeagueFranceST83
JovicReal MadridLa LigaSerbiaST83
PépéArsenalPremier LeagueIvory CoastRM83
LozanoNapoliSerie AMexicoRW82
T. HazardBorussia DortmundBundesligaBelgiumRW82
MaguireManchester UnitedPremier LeagueEnglandCB82
BarellaInterSerie AItalyCM80
Joao FélixAtletico MadridLa LigaPortugalCAM80
Wan-BissakaMan UtdPremier LeagueEnglandRB79
PulisicChelseaPremier LeagueUSALW79
JoelintonNewcastlePremier LeagueBrazilST78

The key here will be picking the players who you feel will hit the greatest run of form this season. Wan-Bissaka, for instance, has had a very strong start for Manchester United, as has Joao Félix at Atletico Madrid.

Our tip? Keep a close eye on the values of the OTW cards that are the only ones for their position, like Wan-Bissaka so far - not because they're likely to have better seasons than anyone else, but because they could get a potentially dispriportionate boost to their value on the transfer market.

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FIFA 20 OTW cards explained - what are Ones to Watch cards and when are they available from?

In brief, Ones to Watch cards work by changing according that player's in-form cards in Ultimate Team. It means that if, say, Hazard picks up a new Team of the Week card with improved stats of an Overall 94, compared to his usual 91, his One to Watch card will change to a 94 rating, and won't go back down.

They're essentially a fantastic investment card - but it depends on your own powers of prediction too, as the cards are expensive if you don't get one with luck, and will only improve over time if that player is having a great season themselves.

Here's everything you need to know about Ones to Watch cards in FIFA 20:

  • Ones to Watch are only in packs for a limited time - The cards are available for usually around two weeks from launch day, which is the 27th September. A short while after that, they'll disappear from packs. From then on, they'll only be available on the transfer market, meaning that they function, primarily, as an investment card for fantasy-football style bets on the market - at least until the next round are released in February for the winter update.
  • Ones to Watch increase according to the latest in-form version of the card - So, if Pépé increases from 83 to 85, then he gets an 85-rated card. If he's even better in a later Team of the Week and gets an 87, say, then his Ones to Watch card will rise to 87 too.
  • Ones to Watch can't decrease in rating - Once they increase, that's the minimum rating the card will have for the rest of the season. It only changes if there's another, higher-rated in-form card released down the line. Even better!
  • Ones to Watch are available in any FUT player pack - That means any free packs, purchased packs, or gifts could have a Ones to Watch player inside, so long as the pack features some player cards itself.
  • Ones to Watch ratings are updated immediately - As soon as the new Team of the Week or other in-form card is available, the Ones to Watch card will increase.
  • Ones to Watch replace their standard versions during the release period - Whilst they're available in packs, Ones to Watch will replace any standard versions of the card. So you can't pack a Romelu Lukaku that isn't a One to Watch card in that first week.

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