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FIFA 20 player ratings and best players - the top 100 best FIFA 20 players ranked by Overall rating

All top 100 FIFA 20 player ratings listed.

FIFA 20 player ratings are here, giving you a chance to check out the game's top players across its many leagues, clubs and positions.

The best FIFA players are announced gradually in the build up to the latest FIFA's launch every year, usually with around ten players at a time, so below we've gathered all the known ratings for the top players in one place, so you can see everything from who they are to where they play and what they're good at, at a glance.

FIFA 20 player ratings - the top 100 best FIFA 20 players

The best way to use this guide, if you have something specific in mind, would be to Ctrl+F to find players of a certain position, rating, club or name. Here's a rundown of all the ratings announced so far.

3NeymarParis Saint-GermainLW92
4De BruyneMan CityCAM91
5OblakAtletico MadridGK91
6HazardReal MadridLW91
7Van DijkLiverpoolCB90
9ModricReal MadridCM90
10Ter StegenBarcelonaGK90
11MbappéParis Saint-GermainST89
12RamosReal MadridCB89
13AgueroMan CityST89
15LewandowskiBayern MunichST89
16KaneTottenham HotspurST89
21Sergio BusquetsBarcelonaCDM89
23De GeaManchester UnitedGK89
24SterlingMan CityRW88
27NeuerBayern MunichGK88
29KroosReal MadridCM88
30EriksenTottenham HotspurCAM88
31PogbaManchester UnitedCM88
32CavaniParis Saint-GermainST88
33ReusBorussia DortmundCAM88
34EdersonMan CityGK88
35David SilvaMan CityCAM88
36LlorisTottenham HotspurGK88
37GodinInter MilanCB88
39CourtoisReal MadridGK88
40HandanovicInter MilanGK88
41BenzemaReal MadridCF87
43HummelsBorussia DortmundCB87
44FernandinhoMan CityCDM87
45SonTottenham HotspurCF87
46AlderweireldTottenham HotspurCB87
47Bernardo SilvaMan CityRW87
48ThiagoBayern MunichCM87
49LaporteMan CityCB87
51Thiago SilvaParis Saint-GermainCB87
52CasemiroReal MadridCDM87
54VertonghenTottenham HotspurCB87
55NavasParis Saint-GermainGK87
56KimmichBayern MunichRB86
57SanéMan CityLW86
59Di MariaParis Saint-GermainRW86
61MarquinhosParis Saint-GermainCB86
63VerrattiParis Saint-GermainCM86
66SkriniarInter MilanCB86
68MullerBayern MunichCAM86
69CoutinhoBayern MunichLW86
71IscoReal MadridCAM86
74MarceloReal MadridLB85
76RodriguezReal MadridCAM85
77De JongBarcelonaCM85
78VaraneReal MadridCB85
80WitselBorussia DortmundCDM85
81De LigtJuventusCB85
83Alex SandroJuventusLB85
84SuleBayern MunichCB85
86LukakuInter MilanST85
88AlabaBayern MunichLB85
89CarvajalReal MadridRB85
90IcardiParis Saint-GermainST85
91KokeAtletico MadridRM85
93GimenezAtletico MadridCB85
95RodriMan CityCDM85
98SaulAtletico MadridCM85
99Bruno FernandesSporting CPCAM85
100IbrahimovicLA GalaxyST85
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FIFA 20 Gameplay and Q&A - New Ball Physics, Penalties, Free Kicks

That's all for the game's top players so far - worth bearing in mind, though, is that the Overall ratings are generally most important for Career Mode in FIFA 20.

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For Ultimate Team, you'll find FUT Chemistry is much more important than actual player ratings, particularly when Chemistry Styles are capable of boosting a selection of your players' stats by a whopping 90 points in total.

It's otherwise an interesting read for those looking to see who has risen to the top - or dropped down the list - with each yearly iteration, such as Gareth Bale dropping out of the top 10 last time around with his 88 rating in FIFA 19 (and entirely this year, dropping down to 85), or Mesut Ozil dropping out this year entirely.

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