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FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC solution: cheapest way to complete the Lewandowski Squad Building Challenge

The cheapest Robert Lewandowski SBC solutions we've found.

The Robert Lewandowski SBC in FIFA 20 is another pricey problem to work your way through, this time requiring three separate squads for it to be completed.

As ever there are multiple solutions to the Lewandowski Squad Building Challenge. We've attemped to find some of the cheapest solutions doing the rounds and outline them for you below, but it's worth bearing the fact that there are always more options to be found in mind.

Remember too that prices aren't fixed, and could change at any moment - but the prices below are as accurate as we could get them confirmed at the time of writing.

FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC requirements and rewards

You need to complete three separate challenges to get the group reward of the TOTW Bundesliga Lewandowski this time, more than Pukki or Martínez. Here's what you need to do and what you get for completing each, before we dive into the solutions below.

Robert Lewandowski: Exchange a squad featuring players from the Bundesliga

  • Bundesliga Players: Min. 1
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • Reward: Premium Mix Players Pack

Robert Lewandowski: Exchange a squad featuring players from Germany

  • Germanu players: Min. 1
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Reward: Rare Gold Pack

Robert Lewandowski: Exchange an 85-rated squad

  • Team of the Week players: Min 2.
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • Reward: Rare Electrum Players Pack

A pricey one then, especially with two TOTW players required for that final challenge of the three. You're looking at anywhere between 130,000 FUT Coins and 200,000 FUT Coins for completing the whole thing.

Up to you if it's worth your time - but Lewa is a cracking forward if you have the cash!

FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC: Bundesliga solution

The solutions this we're going for this time come from YouTuber Elyyt, who's excellent at finding cheap solutions to these problems. Here's the solution to the first, as well as his video.

FIFA 20 POTM Robert Lewandowski SBC Cheapest Solution! | SBC Cheap | FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC Bundesliga Solution:

This first one comes out at a price of a little under 45,000 FUT Coins.

PositionPlayerApprox. Price
GKIker Casillas3500
LBJavi Martinez3400
CBDanilo Pereira2500
RBZlatan Ibrahimovic8000
LMMikel Oyarzabal2000
CMAsier Illarramendi2000
CMAndres Iniesta750
STDiego Costa2500
STIago Aspas7000

FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC: German squad solution

Here's an alternative video from Vizeh if you fancy something different, otherwise we use Elyyt's solution again just below:

90 POTM Lewandowski SBC Completed! - Cheapest Method! FIFA 20

FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC German Squad Solution:

This one comes out at a more expensive 65,000 FUT Coins.

PositionPlayerApprox. Price
GKRoman Burki6000
LBZlatan Ibrahimovic8000
CBJerome Boateng9000
CBMats Hummels15000
RBPeter Gulasci7000
CDMJavi Martinez3400
CDMCharles Aranguiz1000
CAMKevin Kampl2000
LCAMJann Sommer2500
RCAMThomas Muller10000
STAndrej Kramaric1500

FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC: 85-rated squad solution

Finally, arguably the toughest stage is getting an 85-rated squad with two TOTW players in it.

FIFA 20 Robert Lewandowski SBC 85-rated Squad Solution:

This final stage came out at just over 80,000 FUT Coins for us, for a total of around 180,000.

PositionPlayerApprox. Price
GKJann Sommer2500
LBEdison Cavani19000
CBAndrej Kramaric1500
CBWilli Orban (TOTW)11000
RBJiri Pavlenka3000
LMAnthony Lopes6000
CMJavi Martinez3400
RMGerard Moreno (TOTW)19000
LCAMSergio Canales4500
RCAMDani Parejo11000
STDiego Costa2500

If you want an alternative to Elyyt, be sure to take a look at the video from Vizeh or play around and give it a stab of your own!

As always, remember that prices fluctuate, and that you'll need to be smart about when you buy - good luck! For SBC solutions, meanwhile, we have pages detailing the Josef Martínez SBC solution and Teemu Pukki SBC solution, too.

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