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FIFA 20 Teemu Pukki SBC solution: cheapest way to complete the Pukki Squad Building Challenge

The cheapest Pukki SBC solutions we've found.

The Teemu Pukki SBC in FIFA 20 is another pretty tricky problem to solve, requiring you to assemble several squads to complete it.

As always there are multiple solutions to the Pukki Squad Building Challenge. We've attemped to find some of the cheapest solutions doing the rounds and outline them for you below, but it's worth bearing the fact that there are always more options to be found in mind.

Remember too that prices aren't fixed, and could change at any moment - but the prices below are as accurate as we could get them confirmed at the time of writing.

FIFA 20 Teemu Pukki SBC requirements and rewards

As usual for this type of challenge, there are two steps to the Pukki SBC which both have decent rewards of their own. Here's a quick runthrough of them before we dive into the solutions further below.

Teemu Pukki: Exchange a squad featuring players from the Premier League

  • Premier League Players: Min. 1
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 82
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • Reward: Premium Gold Pack

Teemu Pukki: Exchange an 82-rated squad

  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 82
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • Reward: Premium Gold Pack

The Pukki SBC is a little easier than the Martínez SBC and Lewandowski SBC ones that are also live at the same time, and a bit cheaper too, but it still far from a sitter.

The Pukki POTM card itself is pretty good too, especially early on in the Ultimate Team season, so this one's a bit more worth your time!

FIFA 20 Teemu Pukki SBC: Premier League solution

The solutions this week we're opting for come from YouTuber Elyyt, who does a great job of keeping costs down. Here's the solution to the first, as well as his video.

This first one comes out at a price of just under 15,000 FUT Coins.

FIFA 20 POTM Teemu Pukki SBC Cheapest Solution! | Squad Builder Challenge | FIFA 20 Ultimate TeamWatch on YouTube

FIFA 20 Teemu Pukki SBC Premier League Solution:

This first one comes out at a price of just under 15,000 FUT Coins.

PositionPlayerApprox. Price
STBorja Iglesias2000
STAritz Aduriz2000
LMCesc Fabregas1000
CMDani Garcia450
CMJuan Mata1200
RMCarlos Soler900
LBAntonio Adán500
CBSergi Gomez800
CBPepe Reina1000
RBPau Lopez2500
GKDavid Soria2000

FIFA 20 Teemu Pukki SBC: 82-rated squad solution

Here's an alternative video from ProRecoil if you fancy something different, otherwise we use Elyyt's solution again just below:

FIFA 20 | POTM Teemu Pukki Cheapest Solution | POTM Squad Builder Challenge | Pukki POTMWatch on YouTube

FIFA 20 Teemu Pukki SBC 82-Rated Squad Solution:

The second one, again from Elyyt, comes out even cheaper at around 10,000 FUT Coins, bringing Pukki's value to a total of hopefully under 25,000 Coins total.

PositionPlayerApprox. Price
LWMattia Perin900
STJoesp Ilicic300
RWMatteo Politano2000
CMMarcelo Brozovic1700
CMMarco Parolo750
CMDe Rossi800
LBPepe Reina1000
CBAlessio Cragno650
CBArmando Izzo1000
RBAntonio Mirante350
GKEmiliano Viviano750

Otherwise, if you want to shop around for some alternatives, take a look at these two videos from Zayder and ProRecoil respectively, so give some different options for putting together a cheap and cheerful squad.

As always, remember that prices fluctuate all the time - try to be smart about when you buy (not straight after school time!) and you should be all good. For SBC solutions, meanwhile, we have pages detailing the Josef Martínez SBC solution and Robert Lewandowski SBC solution, too.