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FIFA 20 best wingers - the best LW, best RW, and best LM and RMs in FIFA

The top wide players in FIFA 20 and where to find them.

The best FIFA Wingers are where a lot of the magic - and rage - starts to take place. With pacey forwards tricky to contain this year they're as important as ever, and feature several of the highest-rated players in the game altogether this year, too.

Here on this page, we'll be listing FIFA 20's best wingers - which includes the best FIFA LW, the best FIFA RW, and the best LM and RMs, too, ranked in order of their overall rating.

Be sure to take also look at the specifics depending on what you want out of them, beyond the obvious points of Dribbling, Acceleration and Sprint Speed, and think about Crossing and Long Passing if you prefer to hit the big man in the middle, and Long Shots if you're keen on cutting inside and striking from range.

For other stats-based guides, it's worth taking a look at our list of the highest potential FIFA 20 wonderkids, plus we have pages on the FIFA 20's best Goalkeepers, FIFA 20's best Defenders, the FIFA 20's best Midfielders and FIFA 20's best Strikers in the game, too.

FIFA 20 best LW - the best Left Wingers in FIFA

Diving straight in, Neymar is once again the best left winger in the world, even if he started the 19/20 season festering on the bench after failing to sulk his way out of the club. Otherwise, Martial overtakes Sanchez (on loan at Inter) as United's top option on their overcroweded left flank.

FIFA 20 best Left Wingers (LW)

1Neymar Jr.PSG92
2Eden HazardReal Madrid91
3Saido ManéLiverpool88
4Leroy SanéMan City86
5Philippe CoutinhoBayern Munich86
6Marco AsensioReal Madrid83
7Anthony MartialManchester United83
8Alexis SanchezInter82
9Stephan El ShaarawyShanghai Shenhua82
10Quinzy PromesAjax82
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FIFA 20 best RW - the best Right Wingers in FIFA

Messi is the obvious choice for the best right winger in the game. Sterling could arguably be higher given his astonishing record for City and brilliant work off the ball, while Vela seems far and away the best player in the MLS (or at least up there with Zlatan...).

FIFA 20 best Right Wingers (RW)

1Lionel MessiBarcelona94
2Mohamed SalahLiverpool90
3Raheem SterlingMan City88
4Bernardo SilvaMan City87
5Angel Di MariaPSG86
6Gareth BaleReal Madrid85
7Riyad MahrezMan City84
8Ousmane DembéléBarcelona84
9Carlos VelaLos Angeles FC83
10Florian ThauvinMarseille83

FIFA 20 best LM - the best Left Mids in FIFA

Plenty of decent options at left mid, despite FIFA continuing to drop stats off tor players the further away they get from the opponent's goal. West Ham's hot-and-cold Felipe Anderson ranking the same as Juventus' Douglas Costa is an interesting one.

FIFA 20 best Left Mids (LM)

1Felipe AndersonWest Ham84
2Douglas CostaJuventus84
3Kinglsey ComanBayern Munich84
4Ivan PerisicBayern Munich84
5Goncalo GuedesValencia83
6Yannick CarrascoDalian Yifang83
7Thomas LemarAtletico Madrid83
9Filip KosticEintracht Frankfurt82
10Raphael GuerreiroBorussia Dortmund81

FIFA 20 best RM - the best Right Mids in FIFA

Sparse options at right mid this year, with Sancho and Pepe the obvious options for speed demons. Koke is very off-meta but more power to you if you can make a silky-yet-sluggish midfielder work as well out wide as he has in the real world for Atletico.

FIFA 20 best Right Mids (RM)

1KokeAtletico Madrid85
3Serge GnabryBayern Munich84
4Edin ViscaMedipol Basaksehir84
5Jose CallejobNapoli84
6Jadon SanchoBorussia Dortmund84
7Nicolas PepeArsenal83
8Federico BernardeschiJuventus83
9Juan CuadradoJuventus83
10Gelson MartinsAS Monaco82

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Other things to know about picking the best FIFA Wingers

As we alluded to above, there are a few additional things to bear in mind when choosing your wide players in FIFA 20, with slightly different factors becoming more or less important depending on the mode and formation you're playing.

  • For Career Mode, potential is important too - Some players have higher built-in potential for growth than others, and if you're planning on playing at least two seasons of Career Mode then it's going to have a major impact on your squad. It's also a great way to pick up a bargain, too, so if you're keen on finding some youngsters take the time to go over our detailed list of the best FIFA 20 potential wonderkids and young players, whcih includes some of the finest young wide players in the game.
  • For Ultimate Team, remember you can use Chemistry Styles - Chemistry Styles, if you didn't know, add up to a whopping 90 points to your player's attributes, spread according to the Style you choose. You can read more on Chemistry in general in our guide to how FIFA Chemistry works, and likewise the best FIFA Chemistry Styles in our detailed guide to those, too.
  • Think about your style of play when looking at stats - We mentioned this briefly above, but certain wingers will work better in certain formations and styles. Pace in general is obviously extra-useful if you play a more direct, counter-attacking style, whilst you might want to focus more on Crossing, Short Passing, and even Tackling if you're using more central or reserved LMs and RMs.

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