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Fortnite leak points to season 9 ending in a giant monster battle

Reigning cats and dogs.

Fortnite is already nearing the end of its ninth season - and the game's ongoing storyline is starting to build, once again, to another big live event.

Season nine has seen the game's Polar Peak region levelled by the escape of an enormous-eyed creature (freed from ice cracked by the volcano eruption during last season's finale, if you're not keeping up).

Fans have seen the creature's eye peeking out through the ice, and then the devastation it left after it stomped across the map - and then back onto it, to damage the Vault's cable. It was last spotted underwater, swimming around the edge of the map with some of Polar Peak still on its back.

But we're still to see the monster properly. In the game's files, dataminers have seen it is referred to via the code-name Cattus.

Which brings us to this weekend, when a change to the volcano-based Pressure Plant cleared the way for... something to be built. In the files, a giant robot foot was suddenly found by reliable Fortnite leaker FortTory. The robot's code-name? Doggus.

Further files found relate to other robot body parts, with the suggestion it will be constructed in stages over the rest of the season. Other references to both Cattus and Doggus place their meeting as an in-game event which will receive promotion via various in-game posters.

The stage is set, then, for Fortnite's big-eyed monster to duke it out with the Pressure Plant robot in an enormous battle - which, after all, is what the game is about. My money is on Cattus taking the crown - I have a good feline about it.

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