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Fall Guys Sonic rewards, event end date and Sonic's Adventure challenges

The blue blur returns to Fall Guys.

Sonic's Adventure is a new limited-time event in Fall Guys that you can earn Sonic cosmetics and other free rewards in by taking part in its Gotta Go Fast playlist.

Completing specific Sonic's Adventure challenges in the Gotta Go Fast playlist before the event ends is required to unlock these rewards, so we've noted the Sonic event end date below, along with all the Sonic rewards available in Fall Guys.

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Fall Guys Sonic event rewards

To get the free Sonic cosmetic rewards in Fall Guys during the Sonic's Adventure event, you'll need to complete specific tasks in the Gotta Go Fast playslist to earn points toward the rewards.

Here are all the rewards you can get in the current Sonic event in Fall Guys:

  • Sonic Nameplate: 200 points
  • 200 Kudos: 400 points
  • Sonic Pattern: 600 points
  • 400 Kudos: 800 points
  • Sonic Shoes lower costume: 1000 points
You can get these Sonic rewards by earning enough points in the Gotta Go Fast playlist.

Each Sonic challenge will reward 100 points when completed, so you'll need to complete all ten in order to unlock every Sonic's Adventure reward.

Go to the event tab from the main menu and press 'Claim reward' once you've earned enough points from playing Gotta Go Fast to ensure you add the cosmetics and Kudos to your collection before the event ends.

If it's the the Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Dr. Eggman skins you're after instead, you're unfortunately going to have to spend Showbucks at the in-game shop. You can earn 300 Showbucks on the free tier of the Season 1 Battle Pass, but if you want anymore, you'll have to spend real money in the shop.

Fall Guys Sonic's Adventure challenges

You get 100 points for every Sonic's Adventure challenge you complete in Fall Guys. Basically, in ode to the chilli-dog-loving blue blur himself, you'll have to play the Gotta Go Fast playlist multiple times and just run and collect rings during each stage.

For a full list, here's all the Sonic's Adventure challenges in Fall Guys:

  • You're Too Slow: Run 2,000 metres in Gotta Go Fast
  • I'm Outta Here: Run 1,000 metres in Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast
  • Knock Knock: Get Rings in Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast (30)
  • I'll Do My Best: Get Rings in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast (70)
  • Get a Load of This: Get Rings in Gotta Go Fast (140)
  • You're Too Slow: Run 500 metres in Gotta Go Fast
  • I'm Outta Here 2: Run 1,000 metres in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast
  • Knock Knock 2: Get Rings in Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast (50)
  • I'll Do My Best 2: Get Rings in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast (120)
  • Get a Load of This 2: Get Rings in Gotta Go Fast (250)

To play Gotta Go Fast and complete these special Sonic challenges, you'll need to select the playlist from the 'Show Selector' option in the main menu. Only tick Gotta Go Fast to ensure you're playing its rounds to earn points.

Fall Guys Season 2 is here! You can play in eight new Season 2 maps, and earn free and premium rewards from the battle pass, including Kudos, and you can get even more freebies by earning Crowns and Crown Shards, and linking your amazon account for a new Prime Gaming costume every month.

Fall Guys Sonic event end date

The Sonic's Adventure event in Fall guys started on Thursday, 11th August and ends on Monday, 15th August. Make sure you've completed all your challenges before then to get all of your free Sonic rewards!

Here's what time the Sonic's Adventure event ends in Fall Guys:

  • UK: 9am (BST)
  • Europe: 10am (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 4am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 1am (PDT)

Good luck playing Gotta Go Fast!

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