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Evolve: Stage 2 peer-to-peer servers are back online

A Goliath return.

The peer-to-peer servers for Evolve: Stage 2 have been resurrected.

As noticed by NME, Evolve: Stage 2 players are now able to matchmake and join peer-to-peer multiplayer games online once more.

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This change has come thanks to a fan-made Discord channel for the game, which reached out to publisher 2K in a bid to find out more about its decision to close the servers down (something that happened all the way back in 2018).

2K has now gone on to acknowledge its community's wishes, with the company posting this update on 22nd June:

"Evolve: Stage 2 now has an online peer-to-peer server again... Thanks to you, we are reviving this unique gaming experience!"

This move has seen the game's player numbers on Steam get a noticeable boost over the last few days. However, it is still far from reaching its all-time peak of 51,127 players six years ago.

Evolve: Stage 2 Steam stats (taken at time of writing).

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