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Evolve now has a free Arena Mode update

Fight to the death in a dome. No respawning.

Evolve now has a new Arena Mode as part of a free update to all platforms.

As detailed on Evolve's official site, Arena Mode works like Evolve crossed with Thunderdome: Four hunters and one monster enter, one monster or some amount of hunters leave. Okay, so maybe it doesn't have the same ring to it, but the premise is similar: fight to the death in a dome.

Each of Evolve's 14 maps has five domes in it. Select a map and you'll be inserted into one of these domes at a time for a best-of-three series of rounds.

Everyone begins an Arena match with one perk. Monsters begin at stage two with 50 per cent armour, but even in this enclosed space there will be wildlife to feast, on so leveling up is still possible.

There's no dropship in a dome, and thus no respawning. Furthermore, hunters can't change their layouts between battles, but monsters can swap out their abilities.

Here's a walkthrough video showing how Arena Mode looks in action:

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