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Epic teases jetpacks for Fortnite, launches limited-time Legendary-weapons-only Solid Gold event

"Take the fight to all new heights".

Epic appears to be teasing the imminent arrival of jetpacks in Fortnite Battle Royale, judging by the game's latest welcome screen.

On firing up the game last night, players were treated to an update screen which, as well as showing the already announced Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass and Royale Dragon Glider, gave a sneaky glimpse of an entirely new item: the Jetpack. "Take the fight to all new heights", read the blurb, beneath a message indicating that jetpacks would be "coming soon".

The latest Battle Royale update screen, as captured by Reddit user xCosmit.

That flavour text certainly implies that jetpacks won't merely be cosmetic in nature when they arrive, but it's unclear whether the item might offer full-on flight, or - as some users are speculating on the Fortnite subreddit - more of a portable jump-pad-style height burst. Obviously though, jetpacks will remain a mystery until Epic decides to reveal more.

Happily, the wait won't be filled with listless thumb-twiddling, as Epic has launched a new Limited Time Mode to keep Battle Royale players busy.

This latest temporary reshuffle of Fortnite's familiar mechanics is known as the Solid Gold Limited Time Mode, and turns every available gun on the map - whether they be in chests or on the ground - into their most powerful Legendary variants. That means that everyone is playing with maximum fire power for the duration of the event.

You'll find Legendary versions of the Suppressed Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Minigun, and the recently introduced Hand Cannon. The one caveat here is that Solid Gold is a four-player Squad-only event, so you won't be able to go solo.

Epic hasn't announced an end-date for Solid Gold mode, but Fortnite's limited-time events ordinarily run for around a week. So if you're interested in trying out some Legendary weapons, you might want to join in sooner rather than later.