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Epic mulls Fortnite movie as it launches entertainment division

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A Fortnite feature film is being considered, as part of plans for a new Epic Games entertainment division.

The move into scripted video programming was reported today by The Information (paywall), and comes as Epic's revenues have been hit by its inability to expand further on iPhones and Android devices.

A push into the entertainment sector would bolster Epic's coffers, and a Fortnite movie has reportedly "already been discussed".

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A trio of top LucasFilm employees have joined Epic Games this year, The Information notes, including the film studio's former VP of physical production, Jason McGatlin.

McGatlin now serves as president of Epic's mysterious special projects division. Previously he acted as an executive producer on all of Disney's recent Star Wars films. Lynn Bartsch, head of business affairs, and Chris Furia, vice president of production finance, are also ex-LucasFilm.

There's no word on when a Fortnite film may materialise, or what form it may take.

However, it's easy to imagine various ways a Fortnite movie may be spun off. Fortnite already includes countless characters from numerous film and TV franchises, as well as a bulging roster of its own fan-favourite heroes recognisable via toys and other merchandise.

Fortnite's own, complex storyline has so far spanned more than a dozen seasons, with increasingly elaborate live events, cutscenes and campaign snippets. It has also welcomed a canonical Marvel crossover in-game, and told a chunk of story via an official Batman comic series.

Alternatively, Fortnite could do something completely standalone - a Peely origin story perhaps? Now that might be appealing.

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