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Epic keeps disabling the Fortnite shopping cart because players keep using it to glitch under the map


Fortnite's shopping cart is a lot of fun - but it doesn't look like Epic's laughing.

Fortnite's first vehicle - if you can call it that - has been added and pulled from the battle royale game multiple times since it went live in May as Epic battled to prevent players from using it to glitch under the map.

This week, Epic added the shopping cart back into the game only to pull it again a couple of hours later.

The shopping cart lasted just a couple of hours before it was pulled again earlier this week.

So, what's going on? In short, players were using it to get underneath the map. Before the shopping cart was last pulled from the game, players did this by jumping in the trolley before building a pyramid above them. Once under the map, all players needed to do was jump out of the cart and they were free to explore and even shoot other players without them even knowing you're around.

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As you'd expect, there are a huge number of presumably redundant Fortnite shopping cart glitch tutorial videos on YouTube. Obviously this is not how Epic intends for people to play Fortnite, so it's easy to understand why the trolley is currently out of action. But it's a real shame, because the shopping cart is a lot of fun to use and one of the more interesting additions to the game since it came out. The question is whether the developers will be able to sort the trolley out so that it doesn't break the game. Given the Fortnite player base will no doubt test the cart to its limits if and when it does return, Epic may be better off simply vaulting the thing.

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