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Elden Ring writer George R.R. Martin tells us nothing and everything about a live-action spin-off

"I have nothing to say. Not a word, nope, not a thing, I know nothing, you never heard a peep from me. What rumour?"

An Elden Ring character rides Torrent in the Lands Between, with the Erdtree seen in the background.
Image credit: FromSoftware

Listen up, Tarnished - Elden Ring worldbuilding writer George R. R. Martin has given his strongest hint yet that the critically acclaimed game may be getting its own "feature film or TV" spin-off.

Whilst Hidetaka Miyazaki has only teased that he and FromSoftware would be open to a live-action adaptation, Martin goes just that little bit further courtesy of his the-lady-doth-protest-too-much-me-thinks protestations he recently shared on his personal blog.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Review - 40 HOURS IN ELDEN RING'S LANDS OF SHADOW.Watch on YouTube

"Oh, and about those rumours you may have heard about a feature film or television series based on Elden Ring…" Martin wrote.

"I have nothing to say. Not a word, nope, not a thing, I know nothing, you never heard a peep from me, mum mum mum. What rumour?"

Is it concrete proof an Elden Ring movie or show is on the way? Not even slightly. But it's hard to imagine someone as prolific and revered as George R. R. Martin would put anything in his blog that he didn't expect ravenous fans to dissect and overanalyse, so make of that what you will.

Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree has reached 5m sales worldwide, in just three days of release.

Earlier this month, Elden Ring had shipped 25m units, meaning 20 percent of all players have already jumped back in for the DLC in its opening weekend.

"To the many who tread the path left by Kindly Miquella, we extend our heartfelt gratitude," FromSoft said in a celebratory social media.

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