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Dying Light 2 crossplay details and how to play online co-op with friends

How to play with friends - provided you've on the same system.

Crossplay in Dying Light 2 will - one day - allow you to play with friends and create multiplayer sessions between all available platforms.

However, Dying Light 2 crossplay is not available at launch. Until then, co-op between the same systems is - allowing you to play practically all of the game with friends, and keep your progression as you drop in and out of their sessions.

This page explains everything we know about crossplay in Dying Light 2, and if you can play with friends before then, how to play with friends in co-op in Dying Light 2.

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Everything we know about Dying Light 2 crossplay: Can you play between PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox at launch?

Techland has said Dying Light 2 will support crossplay, but not at launch. This means you cannot play with a friend if they are on a different console or PC, even if they are within the same family of consoles.

For example, if you are on Xbox One, you cannot play with PlayStation or PC players, or those playing on Xbox Series X or S. The same applies between PS4 and PS5, too - your friends have to match the same console you do.

The slight exception here is on PC, where different stores don't matter. This means if you own a copy on Epic Games Store, then playing with those on Steam is no problem.

There is no estimated crossplay release date for Dying Light 2; all developer Techland said it can "guarantee" five years of post-release support, which gives us a pretty large window of time for when this might arrive. Fingers crossed it's sooner rather than later!

How to play co-op with friends and strangers online in Dying Light 2

Provided you have friends who is playing the same platform as you - such as PS4 to PS4, PS5 to PS5, PC to PC and so on - then you can join their session.

First, make sure you have downloaded the latest update for Dying Light 2. If you are playing at launch, this will include the day one update, which adds many tweaks and fixes.

Next, you need to have at least finished the prologue. Once all ready, you then need to turn multiplayer on manually. To do this, enter the Pause Menu, and select Online Menu.

Here is where you will make your all choices with regards to online play. First, you need to select Online Options.

By default, the Game Type will be set to Single Player. You can change this to a variety of options - Public, Private or Friends Only - depending on your preferences. There's also ways to enable / disable in-game voice chat, as well as how often you want the Call for Help feature to be active.

Returning to the Online Menu, you'll now have more options. Three silhouettes will appear to the right of your character. Highlighting this and pressing confirm will bring up a console menu so you can invite people from your friends list, allowing you to play co-op.

Or, if you want to buddy up with a stranger, then you can select Find Games and select from the lobby list. Simply choose one and you'll appear in that person's game.

It should be as simple as that. Before release, in our experience it took a few attempts to join other sessions, and it's possible this might be the same for you over the launch period while the game's servers are at high demand. If things don't work, be patient - and it persists, perhaps wait until a further game update or two to see if that may remedy things. There's plenty to get stuck into with single player until then!

Looking for more help? We have system explainers for crossplay and how to play co-op as well as how long it takes to beat Dying Light 2. For upgrades, there are factions to consider, our recommendations for the best skills and how to get XP fast. As for things to find, there are Inhibitor locations, Windmill locations and our explainer on how to unlock fast travel. Finally, we also explain how to complete the early meet the people of the Bazaar objective and the various Dying Light 2 endings.

How does progression work in Dying Light 2 online play?

Dying Light 2 allows you to play essentially the entire game together in co-op. The ways this works, and restrictions, include:

  • Items found and player upgrades / progression will be kept for when you return to your own game
  • Besides the prologue, all missions and open-world activities will be available in co-op, including the end of the game
  • For story choices, though the host player has the final call, all players participating can vote on which they'd like to see

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