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Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations: How to increase stamina and health with Inhibitors in Dying Light 2

How to survive and climb for longer.

Inhibitors are perhaps the most important resource you can find in Dying Light 2.

You'll start incredibly weak, and with very little health, and considering you're going up against hordes of infected and vicious human bandits alike, it's a really good idea to increase your health and stamina as quickly as possible.

This is done through obtaining special Inhibitors, scattered around the open world of Dying Light 2. For every three Inhibitors you procure, you'll be able to upgrade either your health or stamina attributes by one point, forever granting protagonist Aiden a nice boost for either category.

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How to increase stamina and health in Dying Light 2

Simply put, you increase your health and stamina in Dying Light 2 by finding Inhibitors.

Unfortunately, if you were thinking you could increase your stamina and health through actions as with parkour or combat, that isn't the case - as any achievements in combat or parkour will merely accrue either Combat or Parkour XP to buy upgrades.

Inhibitors are scattered far and wide over the city of Villedor, and they're not easy to find. At a certain point in the story of Dying Light 2, you'll be given an item that notifies you whenever you're in the vicinity of a crate containing an Inhibitor.

The Inhibitor icon will be displayed when you're near a crate.

We'd recommend playing through the story until you reach this point, as attempting to track down the crates before you've got the recon device is very difficult.

When you're attempting to find an Inhibitor crate in Dying Light 2, you're specifically looking for the type of crate seen in the image just below. Inhibitor crates will always look like this, and all you need to do to claim it for yourself is to unlock the crate using a lockpick (you can create them using Scrap in your inventory), and then interact with the sci-fi-looking container in the right of the crate itself to claim the Inhibitor.

As we mentioned previously, however, there are ways of obtaining multiple Inhibitors at once. Although you'll only ever literally put one Inhibitor container out of the crate itself, there are certain crates in Dying Light 2 that'll grant you more than one Inhibitor at once. These special crates aren't visually distinguished from the regular ones, so it's pretty hard to figure out where exactly they are.

Where to find easy Inhibitor locations as soon as possible

Before we get to the list of all Inhibitor locations in Dying Light 2, since they are both important and not all accessible right away until you reach the Central Loop in the story, it's worth pointing out easy locations so you can start upgrading your health and stamina quickly.

If you want to get your hands on some Inhibitors as soon as possible though, we'd recommend heading to the three we've marked in the northern reaches of the Trinity region in Old Villedor.

Some Inhibitors can be pretty damn hard to reach, but not these three. Although one might be held hostage in a house filled with chemical waste, they're generally pretty easy to get your hands on, and the one in the chemical-filled house itself will actually grant you three Inhibitors in one go, instead of the standard one.

Once you're done with these three, we'd then recommend heading to the military supply drops we've marked on the maps below. These simply require a bit of parkour in order to reach, whereas all the GRE anomaly locations containing Inhibitors are guarded by some of the most ferocious infected in the entire game.

Looking for more help? We have system explainers for crossplay and how to play co-op as well as how long it takes to beat Dying Light 2. For upgrades, there are factions to consider, our recommendations for the best skills and how to get XP fast. As for things to find, there are Inhibitor locations, Windmill locations and our explainer on how to unlock fast travel. Finally, we also explain how to complete the early meet the people of the Bazaar objective and the various Dying Light 2 endings.

Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations list

Here is where you can find Inhibitors in Dying Light 2, even including the crates which offer more than one Inhibitor. Refer to the multiple map screens below for information on where you can find Inhibitor crates.

Old Villedor

See the below list of descriptions, going left to right, to help specify what's at the following Inhibitor locations.

  • A GRE anomaly where an Inhibitor is guarded by a vicious infected.
  • A GRE testing facility that's better accessed at night when infected are out on the streets.
  • This Inhibitor crate can be found in a small house near the Windmill.
  • A ruined house filled with chemicals houses this Inhibitor.
  • This Inhibitor is contained within the top floor of a ruined house.
  • This GRE anomaly can only be fought at night for an Inhibitor.
  • You'll need to fight another monstrous infected for this Inhibitor at the GRE anomaly site.
  • Scale the tall building rising above this bandit camp to claim this Inhibitor.
  • This second GRE testing facility in Old Villedor is home to a number of Inhibitors.
  • Finally, you can raid another military supply drop in east Old Villedor for an Inhibitor.

Northern Central Loop

See the below list of descriptions, going left to right, to help specify what's at the following Inhibitor locations.

  • A military supply drops marks out this western-most Inhibitor.
  • An Inhibitor can be found at the military supply drop in the northern reaches of Downtown.
  • A GRE anomaly closely guards an Inhibitor at the northern border of the Garrison region.
  • You can find three Inhibitors in central Downtown at a military supply drop, GRE anomaly, and GRE testing site.
  • A GRE anomaly at the very northern border of the Wharf region guards an Inhibitor.
  • Another GRE testing site hides an Inhibitor crate in the Wharf region.
  • A GRE anomaly and military supply drop just south of Muddy Grounds house two Inhibitors.
  • A GRE anomaly in the northern area of the hostile Saint Paul Island region offers an Inhibitor.

South Central Loop

See the below list of descriptions, going left to right, to help specify what's at the following Inhibitor locations.

  • Two military supply drops in west Garrison house Inhibitor crates.
  • A military supply crate in an unmarked region offers an Inhibitor.
  • An Inhibitor can be scavenged from the GRE anomaly site in central Garrison.
  • A military supply drop in New Dawn Park contains an Inhibitor crate.
  • There's one GRE anomaly containing an Inhibitor located in the Newfound Lost Lands to the south.
  • A GRE anomaly and testing site offer multiple Inhibitors in the western Lower Dam Ayre region.
  • An Inhibitor crate can be found underwater next to the bridge in the southern area of Muddy Grounds.
  • An Inhibitor crate can be found within a church along the northern border of the Lower Dam Ayre region.
  • A GRE testing site in the northern reaches of the Saint Paul Island contains an Inhibitor crate.
  • A hostile GRE anomaly in eastern Lower Dam Ayre guards an Inhibitor crate.
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