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Dying Light 2 endings: How many endings and the best ending explained


Dying Light 2 follows the original in having multiple endings.

There are essentially five outcomes in Dying Light 2 - but depending on certain story choices leading up to this point, you might see some differences in how Aiden concludes his journey.

This page will contain spoilers - so only read on if you want to know what happens in broad terms, and how to get there.

If you were wondering when you can reach this point in the game, our how long to beat Dying Light 2 page can help.

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How many endings are there in Dying Light 2

Though there are some permutations based on your choices, there are five endings in Dying Light 2.

This is largely influenced by a choice at the end of the final mission, X13. Here, after a final battle with Waltz, the key to stopping the missile launches is destroyed, and so Lawan volunteers to detonate the missiles manually.

The main Dying Light 2 ending choice is as follows:

  • Let Lawan detonate the bombs
  • Save Lawan

As well as this, the main permutation after this choice is whether Hakon is alive. There are multiple missions during the game where he can die - one where you decide whether to leave him to die or help, and another whether you let Lawan kill him or not - and to get the best outcome, you'll want him to survive until the end.

On top of this, who you side with in the Broadcast mission and your relationship with Lawan appears to influence the ending. Though this mostly is just one short scene showing who runs the city if you stop the missiles, if you side with Frank / the Survivors and romance Lawan, when combined with the right choice in X13 and if Hakon is alive, you can get the 'best' ending where Lawan joins you.

To conclude - two choices, and those branch again based on Hakon making it to that point, and Hakon surviving with the Survivors running the broadcasts / building a relationship with Lawan, gives us five possible endings.

You can see the broad differences between the two endings within this single video by MELOO on YouTube:

Let's go into the differences in these choices.

Dying Light 2 'Let Lawan detonate the bombs' ending choice explained

If you let Lawan detonate the bombs, you attempt to save Mia by taking her and leaving. The base explodes, taking the missiles with it, and the city is saved.

However, no matter what, Mia dies only a few hours after the escape, and Aiden decides to leave the city to resume his life as a pilgrim. You learn of Aiden's fate when Spike, who arrives in the city to hand over a package to Frank, asks about a pilgrim.

As well as this, depending on your choice during the Broadcast mission (and not your Faction choice in facilities around the city) either Survivors or Peacekeepers take control of the city, with a short scene showing how the city is run. Additionally, having a relationship with Lawan also appears to matter as to whether she joins you in the very end.

This means there are several differences based on the choices you've made previously.

  • If Hakon was dead, then Lawan sacrifices herself, and Aiden leaves the city and out into the world on his own.
  • If Hakon was alive, then he saves Lawan, but the Peacekeepers control the broadcasts, then Aiden leaves the city and out into the world on his own.
  • If Hakon was alive, then he saves Lawan, and the Survivors control the broadcasts and you built up a relationship with Lawan, she joins you on the road.

You can see one example of the above - Survivors running the city, and both Hakon and Lawan dead, on YouTube below:

Dying Light 2 'Save Lawan' ending choice explained

If you decide to save Lawan, you'll run through the base, grab Lawan and escape the base. However, that means the missiles will be launched - this will raze most of the city to the ground.

You learn of Aiden's fate when Spike, who arrives in the city to hand over a package to Frank, asks about a pilgrim. This also appears to be when you hear about Mia's fate, where you hear that though Aiden was originally looking for his sister, but become closer to someone else and saved her at all costs.

There are a few differences here based on the choices you've made previously.

  • If Hakon was alive, then he joins you on the road, as per the agreement shortly after they first met. (To the ocean they go!)
  • If Hakon was dead, then Aiden leaves the city and out into the world on his own.

You can see the latter option of the Save Lawan choice here:

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What is the 'best' ending in Dying Light 2?

Weighing up all the various options, it appears to get the best ending in Dying Light 2 you must:

  • Side with Frank / the Survivors in the Broadcast mission
  • In the story leading up to the ending, have Hakon survive until the end
  • Build a relationship with Lawan
  • Choose Let Lawan detonate the bombs in the final mission

That way, the city has been saved, Lawan will survive, and as the Survivors run the city, she joins Aiden as he continues his life as a pilgrim.

You can see the final outcome - and the romance segments leading up to the ending - in the following video:

Hopefully between all of the above, you get the ending you were looking for!

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