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Dying Light 2 fast travel: How to unlock fast travel and all Metro Station locations in Dying Light 2

How to save your legs by catching a train.

Dying Light 2 takes place over the ruined cityscape of Villedor, and to get around it as quickly as possible, you'll want to know how to unlock fast travel as soon as you can.

Unfortunately, the actual act of unlocking fast travel is locked off until a set point in the story of Dying Light 2. It isn't a case of simply walking up to a point on the map and interacting with it, as you'll need to return power to Villedor before you can do anything with the Metro stations.

This page gives you an over view of Dying Light 2's fast travel system - including where you can and can't go - including how you can unlock Metro Stations to help you get around.

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How does Dying Light 2's fast travel work?

At the very beginning of Dying Light 2, fast travel won't be unlocked for you. In fact, it's going to stay this way for right around 15 hours, until you make it to the Central Loop map area of the game as part of the story.

Up until that point, fast travel will be unavailable, because there isn't any power running through the city. So, if you were to walk up to a Metro Station and attempt to interact with it, it'll tell you that you can't because there isn't any power available to actually get the station itself back up and running.

Once you have eventually unlocked fast travel though - as we'll explain just below - you can fast travel from anywhere in the game. As long as you're not knee deep in infected or human bandits, you can simply open up your map by tabbing over to it from the inventory screen, and select any unlocked Metro Station to immediately teleport there.

It's important to remember that though you can fast travel from anywhere, you can only go to Metro Stations in Dying Light 2. You can't use fast travel to zip to windmills, power plants, or any other such landmarks, as instead you're confined entirely to using it to travel to the nearest Metro Station to your eventual destination.

How to unlock fast travel in Dying Light 2

To unlock fast travel in Dying Light 2, you need to make it to the Central Loop area of the city. You'll do this as part of the story, taking around 15 hours to reach - so if you're keen to make use of Metro Stations, then it's worth prioritising story missions.

In the first few hours of this new area, you're going to play through a mission where someone will deliberately use your GRE Access Key to return power to the whole city.

This mission will culminate in you and another character standing proud atop a skyscraper in the Central Loop, admiring the bright lights now shining across the city.

It's after this mission that power will permanently return to Villedor, and fast travel is subsequently unlocked for the rest of Dying Light 2.

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All Metro station locations in Dying Light 2

To unlock fast travel points, however, you're going to have to work a little harder. Scattered throughout Dying Light 2's map are Metro Stations, and it's these locations that you're going to have to interact with in order to unlock fast travel to specific points around the map.

The actual act of unlocking a Metro Stations involves descending underground into the bowels of the station, and clearing it of whatever nasties are waiting for you there.

This might mean taking out a group of infected, or slaying a group of Renegade bandits. You'll want to go into these locations heavily armed and prepared for anything, especially if you don't prefer sneaking around and taking everyone out by utilising stealth.

Once the enemies are cleared, you'll simply need to complete one of the electricity circuit puzzles with the cable that you'll have done countless times before by now, and the Metro Station is yours.

There are 12 Metro Stations in total to find, and we've composed several map screens showing where they are located spread throughout Dying Light 2's Old Villedor and Central Loop areas:

Best of luck unlocking fast travel and making your way around the city!

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