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Dragon Quest X coming to Wii

Plus: DQ IX dated in Japan.

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According to Reuters, Square Enix has just announced that the tenth game in its long-running role-playing series Dragon Quest will be coming to Wii. No details on the game were revealed.

It also put a Japanese release date on the next game in the series, which is to be released for the Nintendo DS. Dragon Quest IX will hit Japanese shelves on 28th March next year.

The move to Wii marks something of a homecoming for Dragon Quest, which rivals Final Fantasy for popularity in Japan. The series' first six instalments were first released on Nintendo home consoles, the Famicom and Super Famicoms (NES and SNES). It then jumped to PlayStation and PS2 for the seventh and eighth games.

Square Enix is also currently remaking Dragon Quest IV, V and VI for the DS. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen was released here back in September.

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