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Dragon Quest 10 is 6 years in the making

Work started right after DQ8.

Dragon Quest 10 has been in development since 2005, according to a former Square Enix employee.

As reported by Andriasang, Takehiko Hoashi, who recently left the company after working as a producer on the likes of Final Fantasy XIV and The 3rd Birthday, Tweeted that work on the latest entry in the phenomenally successful RPG franchise kicked off six years ago.

That means it will have seen a lengthy seven year gestation period by the time it releases next year.

As revealed last week, it's a Wii and Wii U title featuring a major online component.

It'll be the first game in the main Dragon Quest series developed in-house at Square Enix, with 2004's DQ8 and 2009's DQ9 both made by Level-5.

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