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Dragon Quest X confirmed for Wii U

An online RPG for Wii as well.

Dragon Quest X will be a Wii U and Wii game, Square Enix has announced.

It's an online RPG.

DQX will be released in 2012.

The announcement was made at a Dragon Quest conference in Japan today, reported by Andriasang.

Dragon Quest X will, for the first time, be developed internally at Square Enix. Series familiars Yuji Hori, Koichi Sugiyama and Akira Toriyama return as designer, composer and character designer, respectively.

The Wii U version of Dragon Quest X will have better graphics. Both versions - Wii and Wii U - will be compatible with each other.

Square Enix is thinking about allowing 3DS owners to transfer their DQX characters to the handheld for Spot Pass data exchanges.

There may be an online fee for Dragon Quest X. A post on the official Dragon Quest website mentioned both "price" and "usage fee", although both were listed as TBA.

Square Enix will be beta testing Dragon Quest X before its release. Details will be forthcoming shortly, apparently.

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