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Dragon Quest 10 and Final Fantasy 13-2 teams "swap notes"

Yuji Hori's influence visible in 13-2.

The Final Fantasy 13-2 and Dragon Quest 10 teams are sat next to each other at Square Enix's Tokyo HQ and regularly compare notes, according to 13-2's producer.

"Yes, as a matter of fact the Dragon Quest 10 team and the 13-2 team are actually sat next to each other," Yoshinori Kitase told Eurogamer.

"There are some communications between the two teams, like the planners in particular - they talk to each other sometimes to swap notes or whatever. Sometimes our team members take part in their discussions as observers - that happens as well."

Kitase also revealed that veteran Dragon Quest creator Yuji Hori had given the 13-2 team a presentation to impart a little of his "know-how and direction".

And how exactly has this wisdom manifested itself in Final Fantasy 13-2? A return to old school RPG design values perhaps? Slapstick dialogue? Gratuitous side-quest spamming? Not quite.

"What we have learned from him and his team you can see in some of the text in the menus in 13-2," revealed Kitase.

Dragon Quest 10, due on Wii and Wii U some time next year, is the first game in the series to be developed in-house. Square has out-sourced past entries in the series to the likes of Level-5, ArtePiazza, Heartbeat and Chunsoft.

For more on Kitase's game, see Eurogamer's Final Fantasy 13-2 preview published earlier today.

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