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Dragon Quest 10 announced for 3DS in Japan

Cloud-streamed with a subscription fee.

Square Enix has revealed a Nintendo 3DS version of its online role-player Dragon Quest 10, which will be released in Japan on 4th September.

The subscription-funded MMO first launched for Wii and Wii U, then later arrived for Android devices and PC.

The 3DS version will also include a subscription model, and will be streamed from Square Enix's servers - just like the game's mobile version.

This means that the game can offer shinier graphics than a standard 3DS game, but will not support stereoscopic 2D play.

Players will get 60 days free game time, then must purchase more. Three-day, 10-day and 30-day passes will be available, with the latter costing 1500 yen (around £8.60).

Dragon Quest 10 has yet to be released outside of Japan on any of its platforms.