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Doctor Who coming to Fortnite later this year, leak suggests

Who's Clues.

It looks like The Doctor will shortly set down the TARDIS in Fortnite.

Noted Fortnite leaker and dataminer iFireMonkey took to Twitter over the weekend to confirm rumours that a "potential collaboration" was indeed on the way as a two-week long event that will include a "set of free rewards for completing challenges as well as item shop cosmetics".

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iFireMonkey even thinks they know what the items will be, too; two skins, a Glider, and an Emote.

"There would also be a FREE Beep the Meep Spray as some sort of incentive for checking out the Creative map associated with this collaboration, while the image below isn't what the spray would be, it showcases Beep the Meep from Doctor Who, giving an idea of what this spray could look like/be designed around," they added (thanks, GamingIntel).

As for when? Well, rumour has it, it will tie in with the show's 60th anniversary towards the end of this year, and may involve The Doctor's long-time government allies, U.N.I.T.

And we've even got a sneaky screenshot from the alleged event, too:

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