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Destiny 2 The Farm secrets - On Scouting Patrol event, Sentry Ranks buffs, Vertigo and Wheel challenges, Scouting Commander, Commander's Blessing explained

Bungie provides an early taste of the sequel's version of The Tower.

Destiny 2 The Farm secrets - such as a range of hidden Sentry Ranks buffs and a On Scouting Patrol jumping game - allow you to do something else besides checking in on vendors.

There's also a few other things to see and do, too, such as play a game of football, and sit by the bank of a stream and watch the world by.

Okay, there's not a great deal to do in The Farm, but they are worth doing if you have five minutes to kill while a friend finishes their activity.

How to get Sentry Ranks buffs and complete the Vertigo and Wheel challenges

Much like the Tower Ball challenge in the Tower, the main activities in The Farm are all grouped together as part of the same 'quest' chain'.

The main hidden activity in The Farm is a jumping mini-game named On Scouting Patrol, which you can unlock by completing the two Vertigo and Wheel challenges, giving you a set of Sentry Ranks buffs.

These challenges have you visit two locations within The Farm up high - a series of wires strung between two buildings, and the water wheel.

Wheel challenge: Possibly the easiest of the two to start with, from where you spawn in head to the far left end of The Farm (round the back of where Cryptarch Tyra Karn is) and find the water wheel.

You can leap through the middle to the roof on the other side, then scale up on top of the wheel. Slowly walk on top until the Sentry Ranks buff and Wheel Challenge notifications appear in the bottom left of the screen.

Vertigo Challenge: Get on a roof of a building (easiest if you do the Wheel challenge first) and make your way on top of the wires connecting the two story barn with the vendors inside, and the one with all the electrical equipment opposite.

Walk back and forth until the Sentry Ranks buff and Vertigo Challenge notifications appear in the bottom left of the screen.

On Scouting Patrol, Scouting Commander, Commander's Blessing explained

With these two done, head to the coast, where there is a fire and seating not far from a pier. Scan here and you'll then start the On Scouting Patrol mini-game.

This has you jump into beams of light that appear throughout The Farm. You have increased speed and jump height, making this easier to scale buildings and get to each one quickly.

Once you have done each one - it ends on the pier not far from where you started the event - you'll be told of your race time.

That's essentially all there is to it. You'll now have the Scouting Commander perk, which means you keep the speed and jump increases for a short period of time (or until you leave The Farm).

Touching other players gives them the Commander's Blessing, giving them the same speed and height advantages. So if you've ever had this and not sure why, you've been graced by a player who has finished the On Scouting Patrol mini-game.

What else is there to do in Destiny 2's The Farm

Without spoiling specifics, vendors come and go in The Farm, but two that always remain are Postmaster Darbi 55-30 and Cryptarch Tyra Karn - who appeared in Rise of Iron's social space the Iron Temple - helping you get hold of your precious loot.

As with other areas of the game, there are points of interest to scan for extra story details.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Perhaps the most prominent activity is a soccer pitch, complete with goals that count your score. It's a nice evolution on the Ball that players could discover and ping round the Tower in the original game, so get a few Guardians together and play a match or two.

Finally, less an activity but more a distraction, but there are also chickens roaming around the map:

Other than that, that's about all there is to The Farm in terms of 'things to see and do' - we'd call this more of a long weekend destination than a full blown holiday spot, if Trip Advisor reviews were still around in Earth's far flung future.

Though it's quiet it's undeniably a beautiful setting, so be sure to kick back and take in the views - from the streams, the forest beyond and the coast - whenever you want to take five.

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