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Destiny 2 Ruinous Effigy quest steps: How to find Calcified Light fragments and Savathun Marionettes explained

How to get the Season of Arrivals exotic trace rifle.

Destiny 2's Ruinous Effigy is an Exotic quest for those who have purchased the Season Pass for Year 3's Season of Arrivals.

Released on July 7th, 2020, alongside the latest Moments of Triumph, it leans on several season-specific activities - including a weekly mission and defeating specific enemies found around Contact event, as well as Calcified Light fragment collectables.

There's also some Gambit and Reckoning matches to complete to top things off.

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How to get Ruinous Effigy in Destiny 2 in brief

Here's a quick rundown of the steps needed to obtain Ruinous Effigy:

  1. Get the quest from the Prismatic Recaster next to the Drifter in the Tower
  2. Complete the 'Interference' mission as part of the weekly 'Means to an End' questline
  3. Collect 25 Calcified Light fragments, and defeat 15 Savathun Marionettes
  4. Complete Gambit or Reckoning matches, get Void kills, and precision multi-kills
  5. Visit the Umbral Decoder next to the Drifter in the Tower

Once the above steps have been completed, Ruinous Effigy is yours. Thanks to Esoterickk for fleshing out some of the above steps:

Cover image for YouTube videoHow To Get Ruinous Effigy - Exotic Trace Rifle [Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals]

How to get start the Ruinous Effigy 'Growth' quest in Destiny 2

To get started with Ruinous Effigy, visit the Prismatic Recaster next to the Drifter in the Tower.

You'll then have the 'Growth' quest, with the first step, 'Gift', requiring you complete the Interference mission.

Interference is the last step of the weekly 'Means to an End' quest introduced as part of Season of Arrivals, the reward for which is Pinnacle Gear.

You can find it on Io:

Provided you haven't completed it for that week, go ahead and finish the questline, and then the mission.

Once done, the Pendulum step unlocks.

How to find Calcified Light fragments and Savathun Marionettes in Ruinous Effigy's Pendulum quest step

The Pendulum step has two requirements:

  • Collect 25 Calcified Light fragments on Io, Titan, Mars and Mercury
  • Defeat 15 Savathun Marionettes on Io and Titan

Calcified Light fragments are hidden objects to collect on Io, Titan, Mars and Mercury. These appear as a node when you open your Ghost on these planets, and provided you are looking in the right region of the planet, should be straightforward to find.

To find Calcified Light locations, visit the following regions (thanks to ToxicAWOL on reddit for these):

  • Io: 10
    • 4 in Giant Scar
    • 3 in The Rapture
    • 3 in Lost Oasis
  • Titan: 5
    • 2 in Siren's Watch
    • 3 in The Rig
  • Mercury: 5
  • Mars: 5
    • 2 in Glacial Drift
    • 3 in Bray Tech

As for Savathun Marionettes on Io and Titan, these appear during the seasonal Contact event.

They also appear after finishing off groups of Taken yellow bar enemies which spawn on those planets.

Here's WoW Quests on YouTube showing an example:

Cover image for YouTube videoTitan Savathun's Marionettes Location Destiny 2 Growth

Once that's done, the Feed step begins.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to complete the Feed step in the Ruinous Effigy quest

The Feed step has three requirements:

  • Complete Gambit or Reckoning matches - with higher Reckoning tiers and invader kills speeding up progress
  • Void kills
  • Precision multi-kills

Though you can complete the last two steps anywhere in the solar system, it makes sense to do them while completing Gambit or Reckoning matches.

Though the highest tier Reckoning matches is the fastest way to get through this, play whichever mode or tier you find most enjoyable.

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny 2: Season of Arrivals – Ruinous Effigy – Exotic Trace Rifle Trailer [UK]

Once that's done, you have one final step - Shape.

This has you visit the Umbral Decoder next to the Drifter in the Tower to get your reward - the Ruinous Effigy Exotic Trace Rifle. Nicely done!

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