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Destiny 2 Region Chest locations list - where to find every regional chest on every planet

Quick and easy locations for every region chest... in every region.

Everyone loves free stuff, and Destiny 2's regional chests are Bungie's way of handing some of that out.

Region chests are a great way to quickly find a bit of Power level-raising loot, as well as letting you explore the sights of Destiny 2's more eye-catching environments.

They also pop up as daily challenges for certain planets every now and then, so knowing how chests work and where you can find them can be pretty handy. Luckily enough, we have all of their locations listed just below!.

Destiny 2 region chests explained - how chests work and how to find chests in Destiny 2

Environmental chests in Destiny 2 come in two flavours, and can be found dotted around as you travel.

First are standard chests that spawn in random locations on every map, and these will contain one Token for the planet you're on, a small amount of Glimmer, and an extremely low chance of a Loot drop ranging from Shaders to the occasional Legendary Engram.

They're probably not valuable enough to seek out but if you happen to come across one on your travels they're worth grabbing, and if you do want to go on a scavenger hunt then quipping the Ghost that Devrim Kay handed you during the story will cause them to show up on your HUD when you get near to one.

The second type of chests are known as Region Chests; these are often tucked away out of sight, but once you've completed the campaign quests on each planet they'll be marked on your map to make life a little easier. There are a few on each planet, but they only spawn once per account - if you've collected one with one character then revisit with a second, it won't be there.

These chests contain three Tokens for whatever planet you're on, a fair amount of Glimmer, and a reasonable chance of a Loot drop. We'd suggest leaving these until you've finished the campaign, hit Level 20, and reached around Power 260 - it becomes harder to find gear by this point, and because the drops scale close to your level there's a fair chance you may get a boost from one.

Destiny 2 region chest locations list - where to find every regional chest on every planet

Earth - Eurpean Dead Zone (EDZ):

1. Near the drop point in the south west corner, tucked in the ivy behind the building.

2. On the upper floor of the collapsed building opposite the drop point.

3. In the Gragerich building in the fountain courtyard area.

4. On the upper collapsed floor of the building on the corner of the fountain courtyard area.

5. In a small cave on the far side of the road bridge.

6. On a rocky outcrop above the rusted door.

7. Behind the metal grating near the crashed ship on the clifftop.

8. Under the bridge below the crashed ship.

9. To the right of the drop point, in the cave behind the waterfall.

10. In the upper level of the dilapidated building to the left of the drop point.

11. In a small hole in the wall behind the container.

12. Up the slope to the right of the large circular tunnel entrance.

13. In a small cave at the top of the rocky slope.

14. In a small cave on the path opposite 13.

15. On top of the cliffs opposite the Firebase.

16. From 15, head through the door opposite.

17. From 16, exit through the other door and it's on an upper platform on the far side of the Firebase.

18. On one of the small islands near the drop point.

19. Enter the lower tunnel of the base along the dirt road, and it's on the small elevated platform inside behind a couple of boxes.

20. In the dirt area to the right of the ramp into the ship interior.


1. From the drop point, head towards where the Weapon Drop public event spawns, follow the building round to the left, and there's a small door beside some yellow pipes.

2. Through a small dark door in the Hive-infested room.

3. In a small room at the end of the outer platform.

4. On top of the container in the far corner of the deck.

5. On a narrow platform just below deck level - drop down to it from above.

6. Behind the green pipe on the roof of the small room in the corner.


1. On top of the rocky platform to the right of the drop point.

2. In the rear of the cave in the corner of the map.

3. Hidden on the rock structure.

4. On top of the small rock platform in the corner.

5. Inside the container.

6. Tucked behind the block in the corner of the area.

7. Tucked behind the small rocks.

8. Hidden between the rock and the stone platform.

9. On a platform above the crashed ship.

10. Against the wall next to the large ball.

11. Drop down the hole, and it's on top of a small ledge just to the side. Jump up to it formthe metallic blocks below.

12. Hidden in the shadows on the rocky ledge.

13. Hidden around the corner - jump onto the ledge below the blue light and follow it round.

14. On the stone platform at the rear of the chasm.

15. On top of the pillar near the large glowing eye.

16. Tucked behind a block near the glowing white cross.

17. On the corner of the large metallic column.

18. In the tree branches to the left.

19. Inside the small tunnel you'll find a stack of boxes. Climb to the top of the pile, then leap across to the nearby edge.

20. Head up the left side of the ramp and it's on a far platform.

21. Inside the cracked ball.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!


1. Jump onto the ledge on the side of the sloping structure and follow it round, cross the two floating platforms, and then make your way to the teleport; the chest is on the balcony on the far side of the room.

2. Return through the teleporter, move to the corner, and carefully drop down to the left.

3. Inside the cave near the ramp.

4. From the drop point head right, then immediately right again and down the slope into a small cave at the end.

5. Head due south from the drop point to find a cave. Follow it east to find the chest.

6. There's a tree in the corner near the chest marker, and hidden within its roots is a small cave. Go through the rock opening on the right of the tunnel to find the chest.

7. On top of the tower to the left of the drop point. Use the large cables to reach the top.

8. On top of the left arm of the drill.

9. In a cave just to the left of 8.

And that's your lot!