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How to farm Champions easily in Destiny 2

Perfect for any grind-heavy seasonal challenges or quest steps.

Champions are a unique enemy type you'll find through Destiny 2's end-game.

These enemies require stunning with a weapon aligned to a season-specific Champion mod before they can be taken down.

Defeating multiple Champions is regular occurance in Destiny 2 seasonal objectives and quest steps - tasking you with taking down a high number per season.

If you aren't a regular to end-game content - or simply want to get through these steps as fast as possible - then finding a Champion farm is highly recommended.

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How to farm Champions easily in Destiny 2

Champions are challenging to take down, and as such, often appear sparingly in end-game content, making them hard to farm for objectives.

Your best bet is either playing the shortest of end-game challenges, or finding a location where they reliably spawn you can quickly revisit.

Let's start with the latter, which is our most recommended farm. There is a Champion which spawns at the start of the Vox Obscura mission, which you can take down and revisit every 90 seconds or so - the following video shows the location and the farming method:

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Vox Obscura is the final part of the Dead Messenger quest introduced as part of Season of the Risen, and is a replayable mission you can visit as much as you like.

Not only is it quick and can be accessed at lower levels (the only requirement is completing The Witch Queen campaign then completing the first week of the Operation Elbrus seasonal quest), but it also contributes to a weekly Pinnacle drop for taking down powerful enemies within that mission.

Furthermore, if you have completed Vox Obscura previously and have access to Master difficulty, a second Champion will spawn at the start of the mission to make the farm even quicker.

If you don't have access to Vox Obscura, then we recommend running Legend or Master Lost Sectors. These are more challenging versions of these Patrol area dungeons, and change daily as part of an on-going Lost Sector rotation.

Depending on the one in question, and your Power Level and loadout, you can complete these in a matter of minutes, giving you access to a handful of Champions in a single visit.

This is a more demanding farm, but like Vox Obscura, has a secondary benefit; it's good for unlocking any solo Lost Sector-exclusive Exotic armour missing from your collection.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Other Champion locations in Destiny 2

Elsewhere, Grandmaster Nightfalls can have anywhere from 15 to 25 Champions to defeat, depending on the location. These are probably the most challenging encounters in the game, so is less of a farm and more of a useful byproduct for doing them.

Additionally, by then you'll probably have completed any and all Champion-specific challenges on the road to getting enough Power Levels to reach the extremely high Grandmaster requirement in the first place - so will likely be less of use.

If either of these don't suit, know that if you are regularly participate in end-game content, Champions appear in most of them - in Nightfalls, Dares of Eternity, certain Raids and seasonal activities, such as Season of Plunder's Expeditions, and more.

The difference is these activities take a while to complete, and / or only feature one or two Champions in each - so will take a while for you to get through the challenges you hope to complete.

No matter which way you shake it, completing Champion-specific challenges is a grind - but with the right locations you can get through it much easier.