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Destiny 2 base game Adventures list, fastest Adventures recommendation

Our explainer to the core set of Destiny 2's core set of Adventures.

Destiny 2 Adventures are a new addition to the universe, and a great way of giving players something to do between missions - or, of course, for grinding gear and levelling up when the story's all done.

You'll find Adventures on all of Destiny 2's planets, with their tasks varying from search and destroy to search and... defend? And plenty of other tasks, of course.

Like we said, they're great time-killers and alternatives for grinding, so with that said here's our Destiny 2 Adventures list, with notes on how to unlock Adventures and specific walkthroughs on each page too, to help you get over any tricky bumps in the road along the way.

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Note - this page only features Adventures which debuted in Destiny 2's base game, and many of these will disappear from the game alongside their respective planets (Titan, Io) with the arrival of the Beyond Light expansion in November 2020.

Destiny 2 Adventures explained

Adventures are Destiny 2's answer to side-quests - short, simple, and optional, but worth the investment. The first one, A New Frontier, is compulsory, but after that they're completely optional, but we'd strongly suggest you them on.

That's because in addition to the XP you'll earn through combat you'll also be rewarded with loot or varying degrees of rarity to beef up your gear, Tokens to increase your reputation, and the narrative also helps to flesh out the various characters and give a bit more background to the story.

Destiny 2 EDZ Adventures list

Adventure NameUnlocks CompletingRecommended PowerReward
A New FrontierThe Red War30Common / Green Gear
Calling them HomeA New Frontier20Common / Green Gear
Poor ReceptionCalling Them Home20Common / Green Gear
A Frame JobPoor Reception20Common / Green Gear
Reversing the PolarityFury160Upgrade Point
Unsafe at Any SpeedFury160Rare / Blue Gear
Stop and GoUnbroken160Rare / Blue Gear
Anti-Anti-AirUnbroken160Upgrade Point
No Safe DistanceUnbroken170Rare / Blue Gear
Red Legion, Black OilUnbroken170Rare / Blue Gear
Supply and DemandMain Story170Rare / Blue Gear

Destiny 2 Titan Adventures list

Adventure NameUnlocks CompletingRecommended PowerReward
Thief of ThievesRiptide60Rare / Blue Gear
Bad NeighborsRiptide60Rare / Blue Gear
Siren SongUtopia70Rare / Blue Gear
DeathlessUtopia70Rare / Blue Gear

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Destiny 2 Nessus Adventures list

Adventure NameUnlocks CompletingRecommended PowerReward
ReleaseLooped and Six90Rare / Blue Gear
Lost CrewLooped and Six90Rare / Blue Gear
Invitation from the EmperorLooped and Six90Rare / Blue Gear
UnbreakableLooped and Six90Rare / Blue Gear
Deep ConversationLooped and Six90Rare / Blue Gear
Hack the PlanetLooped and Six90Rare / Blue Gear
Exodus SiegeLooped and Six90Rare / Blue Gear

Destiny 2 Io Adventures list

Adventure NameUnlocks CompletingRecommended PowerReward
Unexpected GuestsAsher Mir120Upgrade Point
Road RageAsher Mir120Rare / Blue Gear
Postmodern PrometheusFury130Upgrade Point
CliffhangerFury130Rare / Blue Gear
AreciboMain Story220Rare / Blue Gear

If you're at the recommended Power level then each one should take about 15-20 minutes to complete so they're useful if you've not got the time to invest in anything more substantial. Most of them take place in areas you'll have visited during the story but one or two will take you off the beaten path and may lead to other discoveries on the way.

Throughout the course of the game more will unlock, and there are 30 in total to experience - 13 in the EDZ, 5 on Titan, 7 on Nessus, and 5 on Io. Once all Adventures in a Region have been completed you can go back and replay them whenever you like, so if you're on the grind for some sweet sweet loot they may make a nice change from Public Events.

Which are the fastest Adventures in Destiny 2?

Some challenges require you to complete a set number of Adventures - such as the annual Solstice of Heroes event - so understandably, you might want to know which are the fastest Adventures in Destiny 2 to get through this as quickly as possible.

Several reddit threads suggest the Adventures on Mars / Hellas Basin, as introduced in the Warmind DLC - are your best bet.

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