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Destiny 2 A New Frontier and Calling them Home - how to find and defeat Skexis, Outcast Captain and Taksor, Scavenge Raider

Everything you need for tackling the first two Adventures you'll find in Earth's EDZ.

A New Frontier and Calling them Home are two of the first Adventures you'll unlock in Destiny 2, and are available to play from the European Dead Zone area pretty early on in the game.

Here on this page, we'll give you a rundown of exactly how to unlock and then complete the two low-level adventures, as well as a note of what rewards you can expect for doing so.

Before diving in though, note that for more of the same, and a general overview of how Adventures work, you can take a look at our Destiny 2 Adventures hub, with a list of various other Adventures and links to their respective guides, too.

Destiny 2 - A New Frontier

A New Frontier is one of the very first Adventures you'll gain access to, and can be found on Earth in the European Dead Zone (EDZ).

Prerequisites: Start The Red War by speaking to Devrim Kay.
Recommended power: 30.
Reward: Common (green) loot.

Here's what you need to do to complete the A New Frontier Adventure and tackle Skexis, the Outcast Captain:

  • Find the Banner - Located on the ground floor of the church.
  • Loot Region Chest - In the ruins near the church.
  • Explore the Church - Examine the symbol on the wall at the far end of the church near the trapdoor.
  • Enter the Tunnels - Drop through the hole in the floor and follow the tunnel.
  • Explore the Atrium - Keep heading through the tunnels until you reach the room at the end.
  • Defeat Fallen Captain - We'd suggest kiting some of the lower tier Fallen back out into the corridor and dealing with them first, then tackling Skexis, Outcast Captain one-on-one.

For Season of Plunder, we have the Sails of the Shipstealer quest, Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments, Cryptic Quatrains and weapons such as the Quicksilver Storm and Taipan 4FR. Meanwhile, there's the arrival of King's Fall and King's Fall challenges, plus weapons including Doom of Chelchis and Touch of Malice. For The Witch Queen, learn how to get Exotics including Dead Messenger and Parasite.

Destiny 2 - Calling them Home

Calling them Home is another of Earth's early Adventures, that can likewise be found in the EDZ.

Prerequisites: Complete A New Frontier.
Recommended power: 20.
Reward: Common (green) loot.

Here's what you need to do to complete the Calling them Home Adventure and tackle Taksor, the Scavenge Raider:

  • Boost Hawthorne's Signal - Interact with the marked area just outside the church.
  • Stop Fallen Interference - Defeat the waves of Fallen that attack you.
  • Reach a Clear Location - Follow the waypoints.
  • Stop Fallen Interference - Destroy three signal jammers located in the building to the left as you enter the courtyard - Two are in the alcoves on ground level, and one is on the first floor.
  • Follow Hawthorne's Coordinates - Follow the waypoints.
  • Secure the Area - Defeat the Fallen.
  • Boost Hawthorne's signal - Interact with the marked area.
  • Secure the Area - Several waves of Fallen will attack - a percentage indicator will let you know how "secure" you've made things.
  • Secure the Area - Once you hit 100% clear out any remaining enemies, then defeat Taksor, Scavenge Raider - he's well shielded, so use an energy weapon to take down his shields.

With that, you're all done! Head back to our hub for Destiny 2 Adventures if you're looking for more on these.

Otherwise, nicely done, Guardian.

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