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Dark Souls-style shooter Remnant 2 passes 1m units sold in a week

"We couldn't be happier to see fans having such a great time."

Remnant 2 sales pass 1m.
Image credit: Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 has sold 1m copies since its release last week, across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

"To everyone who helped us achieve this amazing milestone, thank you for your unwavering support," developer Gunfire Games' boss David Adams said.

"This was a multi-year journey for us and we couldn't be happier to see fans having such a great time with a game we put our heart and soul into."

Here's the Eurogamer video game team having a crack at Remnant 2.Watch on YouTube

Meanwhile, publisher Gearbox said the game has exceeded expectations, and thanked the community for its support. "We're thrilled you joined us on this journey," it wrote.

Over the weekend, Remnant 2 doubled the Steam concurrent player record of its predecessor.

At the time of writing, its all-time player peak is sitting at 110,856, with 52,475 players currently making their way through the Dark Souls-style shooter.

Remnant 2 screenshot
Remnant 2 screenshot
Image credit: Gunfire Games

Eurogamer awarded Remnant 2 four out of five stars on its release, with Vikki calling it an "eclectic but ever-rewarding third-person shooter".

While she considered the story to be "lacklustre", she felt every thing else the game had to offer made up for that. "The different realms, the combat, the puzzles; yes, even the more abstruse ones - are fabulously engrossing, and, like a clock chime, every half hour or so one of us would cry 'What the hell is that?!', having bumped into a peculiar enemy we hadn't taken on before," she wrote in her review.

"It's also to Remnant 2's credit that it admirably balances the excellent gunplay of a live-service shooter without making the same demands on your time: you'll likely finish up your first playthrough in 18-20 hours or so."

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