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Remnant 2 doubles the Steam concurrent user record of its predecessor

A league of its stone.

Remnant 2 key art showing the Empress facing head on centre-screen, in a resplendent gold armour and headpiece combo, in front of a smokey, blood-red background.
Image credit: Gearbox Publishing

Shooter sequel Remnant 2 has doubled the Steam concurrent player record of its predecessor, securing over 109,000 simultaneous players earlier today.

That may not sound impressive given PUBG: Battlegrounds holds the top spot with 3.2 million concurrent users – dwarfing that of second place CS:GO's 1.8m peak – but it's a considerable achievement, eclipsing the top concurrent Steam totals for games like Resident Evil Village (106,000), Battlefield 2042 (105,000), and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (103,000).

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Its predecessor, Remnant, holds a more modest concurrent record of 48,289 players on Steam, according to SteamDB.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Remnant 2's concurrent record has been broken several times over the last few days, intimating that, just like the Root, the word is spreading, and more and more players are jumping into Gunfire Games' eclectic shooter, making it the eleventh most-played game on Steam in the last 24 houra.

As for Steam itself? Well, its own concurrent user record was broken yet again four months ago, topping out at a staggering 33,598,520 players earlier this year.

"A lacklustre story is not the end of the world, though, because everything else - the different realms, the combat, the puzzles; yes, even the more abstruse ones - are fabulously engrossing, and, like a clock chime, every half hour or so one of us would cry 'What the hell is that?!', having bumped into a peculiar enemy we hadn't taken on before," I wrote in Eurogamer's Remnant 2 review, in which I awarded the shooter four out of five stars.

"It's also to Remnant 2's credit that it admirably balances the excellent gunplay of a live-service shooter without making the same demands on your time: you'll likely finish up your first playthrough in 18-20 hours or so."

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