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Remnant 2's next patch bringing "potato mode", QoL updates, and more

Will likely be "ready this week".

Three characters dressed like cowboys aim their guns at a giant alien creature with a horn-like carapace and a red, cross-shaped orifice glowing from within.
Image credit: Gunfire Games

Developer Gunfire Games has confirmed it's readying a new update for its celebrated (and million-selling) Souls-like shooter sequel Remnant 2, promising that more quality of life updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and a "potato mode" will be with players "soon".

That news comes via Remnant 2 principal designer Ben Cureton, who shared a list of the upcoming patch's headline features on social media. The aforementioned "potato mode" is, alas, unlikely to fulfil all your wildest, possibily erotic potato-slaying fantasies, more likely being some under-the-hood changes Gunfire has made to push Remnant 2's settings below those previously allowed - hopefully meaning improved performance on lower-spec PCs.

Performance improvements have, of course, been a focus for Gunfire following Remnant 2's slightly wobbly launch, and Cureton's post makes it explicitly clear the incoming patch will include more. That comes alongside the introduction of toggle aim and hold sprint, "dozens" of enemy updates, material refund changes for weapon deconstruction, PlayStation icon selection, and proper EXP rewards for instances where Summons make the kills.

Digital Foundry takes a look at Remnant 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Watch on YouTube

Additionally, players can expect fixes for co-op item pick-up hitches and Engineer back-evade stamina, plus "many" other fixes for weapons, mods, trinkets, items, and consumables. There's "lots more" promised alongside all that, with full patch notes coming "closer to release" - which, according to Cureton, should be this week "unless something goes wrong".

Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake liked Remnant 2 a lot when it released in July, calling it an "ambitious sequel stuffed with delightful - and deadly - surprises" in her 4/5 review. "All I want to do is get back in there and explore," she added, "and that can only be a good sign, right?".

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