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CliffyB's gravity-defying FPS LawBreakers gets surprise fan revival

Titan fury.

LawBreakers screenshot showing Titan Cronos
Image credit: Boss Key Productions

LawBreakers - the hero shooter from Cliff 'CliffyB' Bleszinski that was shut down after a poor launch - is making a bit of a comeback thanks to a group of dedicated fans.

While this revival is not part of an official release from either CliffyB's now-defunct studio Boss Key Productions or original publisher Nexon, the project has been given the approval of Cliffy B himself on social media.

"Somehow LawBreakers is coming back, see below!!!" Bleszinski shared on X, linking to the fan project's Discord server, which is called the RELB Project. This is something that has been on the developer's mind for a while now, with Bleszinski talking about some kind of comeback last year.

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"This is just a project to make LB playable for (hopefully) forever, this is not intended to take over LB, no new updates (at most balancing but that's already unlikely) will be made," the project leads wrote on Discord.

On the Discord's FAQ page, meanwhile, the RELB Project team states: "This is a project to bring back the game LawBreakers, it's done by creating 'fake' servers that the original game client uses. You can join by downloading the launcher, patching your game and playing like normal."

A link on RELB's website will allow you to download this launcher, if you so wish. It still seems to be very much a work in progress, however.

Since Bleszinski's post over the weekend, the LawBreakers project has held a public beta, which seems to have gone well. One of the beta's players said it was the "most fun [they] had playing a shooter in a long time".

As for CliffyB himself, last year the developer suggested the Gears of War games - which he co-created - should get a God of War-style reboot. Xbox just needs to give him a call.

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