LawBreakers is an inventive, electric and expertly engineered classic competitive shooter that deserves your time.

Key events

LawBreakers developer confirms that it's now focussing on "other projects"

Will continue to support the game "in its current state".

Publisher blames PUBG for Lawbreakers flopping

"The timing of its launch turned out to be unfortunate."

FeatureThe big Cliff Bleszinski interview

'I've had a very polarising personality in the 25 years I've been doing this.'

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Keeping it Unreal.

Digital FoundryLawbreakers PS4 launch code hitches and stutters

UPDATE: Massive improvements in patch 1.04.

VideoWatch: We talk to Cliff Bleszinski about LawBreakers

Console versions, microtransactions and comparisons to Overwatch.

FeatureCliff Bleszinski's return to video games

“Some of us are starting to recognise that games have been about white dudes for so long...”

FeatureLawBreakers is Unreal Tournament for the Titanfall generation

Hands-on impressions of Cliff Bleszinski and Bosskey's gravity-bashing arena shooter.

LawBreakers no longer free-to-play, due this summer

Alters art style, launching exclusively on Steam.

Cliff Bleszinski reveals gravity-defying FPS LawBreakers

UPDATE: And here's the first gameplay trailer.