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LawBreakers coming to PS4, promises no "pay-to-win" mechanics

Cliff notes.

LawBreakers, the upcoming multiplayer shooter from Cliff Bleszinski's new studio Boss Key Productions, will be released simultaneously on PC and PlayStation 4.

Following last year's announcement that LawBreakers would no longer be pursuing a free-to-play business model, we now know the base game will cost £24.99. There'll be no season pass, says Boss Key, and all future updates will be free of charge.

Similarly to Blizzard's Overwatch, the game will allow players to purchase loot boxes, although the press release we've received stresses these will only feature cosmetic items. There are no "pay-to-win" mechanics in the game, it states.

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We spoke to Bleszinski about the possibility of a console version at last year's E3.

"I wouldn't rule it out," said Bleszinski. "We like money and we like to keep the lights on. Sony and Microsoft need games, so we've talked to them a little bit.

"We've played around with the controller a little bit and thing is, if we get around to doing console ports, I don't want to do cross play. Some people think that's the holy grail for a lot of games and I'm like, no. If you have somebody with a keyboard and mouse versus somebody with a controller, I'm sorry, but the person with the keyboard and mouse is going to win nine times out of 10."

The PS4 version of LawBreakers will be playable at E3 next month.