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Cheap This Week - 15/06/11

Heavy Rain! Killzone! Portal 2!

Get your payment method of choice at the ready, for here's another bountiful selection of cheap games that are worth your attention. This week we've got a few of the best games from the last year or so getting their first big discounts, and this week's hot releases at an affordable price.

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Here are this week's deals:

Heavy Rain, PS3 - £9.99 delivered

That's a pre-owned price, so unless you're lucky, someone else will probably have done the origami that came bundled with mint copies. You'll have to find some other way to entertain yourself whilst the game's installing.

Heavy Rain earned itself a solid 9/10 from Tom in its Eurogamer review. Here's what he said:

"For its problems, it's an intricate game that deserves to be debated for a long time, and it's also a simple one to enjoy: a thrilling mystery, cleverly composed, and unlike anything else you will play this year. It may also be the only game you play this year where pulling the trigger makes you really feel something, and I can think of no greater compliment."

Killzone 3, PS3 - £17.85 delivered

One of the shiniest shooters available on Sony's black monolith, Killzone 3 has got audiovisual bells and whistles hiding in every corner. The jetpacks may have spluttered and it was all over fairly quickly, but the action packed campaign has a wide variety of environments and guns, and it was entertaining throughout.

Dan had this to say in his review: "It's always polished and breathlessly paced, but it no longer offers a distinct change of pace from the rest of the shooter herd. Killzone 3 is a powerful, impressive game that sets an imposing standard for Sony's 3D, Move-enabled future output; it's just a shame that in doing so, it's lost just a little of what made the series stand out in the first place."

The Killzone trilogy saved the best 'til Helghast.

Portal 2, PC/Mac - £12.99 delivered

It says "Usually dispatched within 1-2 weeks", so don't go for this offer if you're in any particular hurry. Oli gave Portal 2 the highly sought after Eurogamer perfect 10 when it came out in April. Here's what he thought:

"It's human: hot-blooded, silly, poignant, irreverent, base, ingenious and loving. It's never less than a pure video game, but it's often more, and it will no doubt stand as one of the best entertainments in any medium at the end of this year. It's a masterpiece."

It's a must play game, and £13 is a brilliant price (especially when compared to the Steam price of £29.99). I burned through the single player in a few sittings, but the co-operative campaign kept me and a friend scratching our heads for a fair bit longer.

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