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Capcom Showcase dated for next week

Not-E3 continues.

Capcom has announced plans to hold its own livestreamed digital event next week, on 13th June at 11pm UK time.

The Capcom Showcase will run for around 35 minutes, and feature "news and in-depth updates" on "previously-announced Capcom titles".

That's a nice bit of expectation-setting, then - don't expect reveals of unannounced games. Then again, there's still plenty Capcom has now revealed which it can discuss in more detail: including the "reimagined" Resident Evil 4 remake and Street Fighter 6.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is real, and coming next year.Watch on YouTube

What else might we see? Well, with Resi 4 now locked in for next March, it's high time we heard more about the briefly-announced Resident Evil Village DLC. Will Lady D return?

There's also Resident Evil: Re:Verse, Capcom's multiplayer spin-off which was massively delayed after beta tests failed to impress.

We could also get more detail on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, which launches on 30th June, and the upcoming version of Resi Village for PlayStation VR2.

Without a traditional E3 show this year, June's array of game announcement shows are getting increasingly spread out. Here's Eurogamer's full not-E3 schedule guide so you know what's going on.