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Call of Duty: Warzone players are sacrificing themselves to take down stim glitchers

Time to DIY.

Guess what's back, back again: that's right, it's Call of Duty: Warzone's infamous stim glitch, which shows no sign of disappearing quietly. After first appearing in October, the stim glitch has returned several times - and according to player reports from the past few days, it's back yet again. Although Raven has acknowledged the return of the glitch and promised a fix, until that patch arrives players are once more taking matters into their own hands. Namely, by sacrificing themselves to hunt down stim glitchers hiding in the gas - for the good of everyone else in the lobby.

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The way the stim glitch works is this: once a player has activated the glitch (seemingly now using a strange night vision goggles method) they can spawn infinite tactical items, including healing stims. This means they can drive out into Warzone's gas and hide there until the game ends, breaking the game in the process and making for a really boring end to the round.

To stop this from happening, some heroic players - motivated either by concern for their fellow players or pure unbridled fury - are hunting down the stim glitchers, even if it means their own death. Some players started to do this last month, and as the glitch has returned, so have the stim glitch hunters. As you can see from the video below, often this is done by picking up a bounty just before a circle starts closing, allowing the legitimate player to locate the glitcher in the gas. In the case of one Reddit user, the start of the journey into the gas was accidental - but they saw the job through.

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I figured out a little late that the bounty I chased into the storm was a stim glitcher. I did what had to be done. from r/CODWarzone

In another video shared on Reddit, a player spotted a stim glitcher who had (rather foolishly) picked up Most Wanted contract and marked themselves on the map. This time, the legitimate player parachuted into the gas to take out the unsuspecting stimmer - despite being the final member left alive in the squad.

My Friend Griefed a Stim Cheater and I Cliped It from r/CODWarzone

This one, meanwhile, managed to spot a stim user by activating their UAV, then using some quick thinking to hop into a vehicle and smack the stim user (who was also carrying a riot shield) to the floor. I think this one was definitely a case of revenge.

More unusually, it seems some are fighting fire with fire, using the stim glitch to hunt down the remaining stim glitchers at the end of a game, find their player tags, and then report them to Activision. YouTuber Animal Spence is one of those trying to beat the glitchers at their own game, as you can from the showdown at the end of the video below. Just make sure you don't get corrupted by the dark side while trying to destroy it, Animal Spence.

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The Call of Duty subreddit is filled with videos of squads hunting down glitchers to get a win - but I think there's something particularly heroic about the players sacrificing their chance at victory to take out stimmers. Or perhaps it shows the level of anger towards this pernicious glitch, which just never seems to die.

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