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Call of Duty: Warzone can't seem to sort out its troublesome stim

Life support.

Call of Duty: Warzone's stim has for some months now caused havoc in the battle royale - and it seems the developers of the game are struggling to get on top of it.

The stim is a piece of equipment that restores health points to your character and refreshes super sprint. It's supposed to help players get out of tough situations, but it has also been used nefariously as part of a raft of troublesome glitches and exploits that just won't go away - despite multiple patches.

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The most well-known of these is the infinite stim glitch, which first appeared in October 2020. This glitch lets players use infinite tactical items, thus making it possible to spam healing stims and hide away from other players from within the gas until the game is over.

Despite the best attempts of the developers last year, the infinite stim glitch returned before it was supposedly patched. But now it's apparently back again - for a fifth time.

You only stim when you're winning.

A gameplay clip uploaded to the Warzone subreddit this week shows the spectator view of an apparent cheater who uses the throw back frag grenade mechanic to trigger the infinite stim glitch. There's an odd moment in the clip where the player appears to activate night vision goggles for a split second, despite night vision goggles not being in Warzone. Night vision goggles are used in the Modern Warfare campaign, however. The player then heads into the gas, spamming the stim to survive.

Found out the stim glitch is back by spectating a hacker... from r/CODWarzone

Here's another example of the infinite stim glitch in action this week:

Adding to the stim misery, this week a new, not exactly sporting use of the stim emerged from within the Call of Duty community. Call of Duty content creator JGOD published a video, below, revealing a method that involves munitions boxes, which replenish equipment. A well-coordinated team can earn enough cash to be able to so many munitions boxes that a player can hide in the gas simply by repeatedly replenishing their stim. This one isn't a glitch, more an abuse of the existing game mechanics to play in an unintended way.

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So, stim problems persist, and once again players are calling on Warzone developer Raven Software to pull the item from the game in order for it to get fixed good and proper. What's to be done? Increase the damage the gas does to players within it? Add a cooldown to the stim? There are plenty of suggestions. But so far, little action.

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