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Call of Duty: Warzone map rotation isn't possible due to "crazy" install sizes

"We want that. We all want that."

A dev working on Call of Duty: Warzone has stated map rotation isn't possible because install sizes are "crazy".

Josh Bridge, Call of Duty live operations lead, was chatting to streamer TeeP about whether Warzone map rotation could be supported (spotted by PC Gamer).

Warzone's original Verdansk map was replaced in December 2021 by Caldera, but it seems map rotation won't be implemented.

"We want that. We all want that. There's a technical problem. The install and reinstall sizes are f**king crazy," said Bridge.

At present, the game's install on PS5 is over 120GB and similar on other consoles. On PC it's 80GB.

Bridge notes that every time the game updates "we lose players". Clearly the large install size is already putting players off and would only increase if more maps were included.

Warzone wasn't developed with years of updates in mind and Activision didn't quite expect it to take off. As Bridge said: "Verdansk was never authored with the idea that 180 weapons were going to be added to it."

The game's competitors, however, do offer multiple maps - Apex Legends and PUBG for instance. And while Fortnite similarly has only one map, it frequently changes across chapters.

However, Bridge also hints there's more to come from Warzone. "Battle royale is awesome, we love it. But I like the idea of exploring what else we can do with a large player count and a big map," he said.

Check out the full interview in the video below.

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