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Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak will now be in Fortnite

Up Tomato Town Funk.

We need to talk about Bruno! Specifically, Bruno Mars - who is coming to Fortnite alongside his Grammy-nominated R&B partner Anderson .Paak.

The Silk Sonic couple will arrive in Fortnite as player skins, while you'll also be able to tune into a new in-vehicle radio station featuring the pair.

Icon Radio, as the new station is named, refers to the branding Fortnite gives to real-world figures it adds into the game (Ariana Grande, Neymar Jr., Ninja.) Funk star Bootsy Collins will voice its DJ.

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If you want to try your hand at earning Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak skins for free, the usual in-game tournament will be held that awards the skin to top players regionally.

"When Fortnite asked me if I wanted to create an outfit for the game, I asked, 'Are CGI muscles off the table?'" Bruno Mars explained in a statement. "They said 'no.' I said 'deal.' I'll see you on the Island."

Fortnite today recommitted to its long-term musical focus for the game, and promised more artist collaborations are on the way. Last year, Epic Games snapped up Rock Band developer Harmonix, which will now build new music-based "journeys and gameplay for Fortnite".

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