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Bits of Home heading to PSP

Sony US spills beans.

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Sony America marketing boss John Koller has said PlayStation Home will be heading to the PSP.

The idea at the moment is to have a special area or room created and rendered specifically for the handheld, which you can view on the move.

"Intuitively, if you take the PSP with you, you would want to take some of Home with you," Koller told MTV.

However, nothing is set in stone yet, and Sony UK offered no comment on the news.

PlayStation Home was unveiled in March this year at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It lets you create an avatar and personalise a house with game achievements or media uploaded from the hard drive. Some observers have likened it to a cross between MySpace and The Sims. Certainly Sony is hoping it will be as successful.

It is expected to launch in October, although word on its progress has been hard to come by - it's currently nearing the end of closed beta. But Sony will be delivering a press conference at the upcoming Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig this year, where we expect Home to play a key role.

Head over to Eurogamer TV to see the latest Home trailer.

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