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Bethesda files Fallout TV/film trademarks

Plus: Chandler from Friends still single.

Bethesda Softworks recently applied for additional Fallout trademarks to do with "an ongoing television programme" and "motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world".

As spotted by Dwell On It (thanks Joystiq), the trademarks were filed on 5th February.

We've contacted Bethesda for comment, but don't expect much. Our guess is the company is safeguarding the brand, rather than actively making a TV show or film. (Update: Bethesda subsequently told Eurogamer it couldn't comment.)

On the plus side, this is a good excuse to point out that Matthew Perry is biased towards Fallout, having told USA Today about his gaming tip for High School Musical actor Zac Efron:

"The biggest advice I had for him was to start playing Fallout 3 instead of Call of Duty 4. It has more of a story."

Apparently Efron "could not figure it out". Re-roll, idiot.